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Happy birthday Deb & Ian

When four guests arrive at a party dressed from head to toe in thick, blue greasepaint and behaving like Smurfs, just KNOW it's going to be a good night! This one was Deb and Ian's joint 50th party, and was in the theme of an 80s night which is...

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Debbie & Clive

Debbie and Clive's wedding was a little different from most of the weddings I tend to entertain at, and it was a real pleasure from my side of the booth. The venue: Haddenham Sports and Social Club, a venue I've never worked in before despite living just...

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Kelly & Colin

I won't lie...sometimes in the summer months my job can be hard....REALLY HARD! But - I always do my best to make things work! Kelly & Colin married at The Old Hall in Ely on Sunday, one of the hottest and sunniest days of the year so far (my garden...

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Beware the wannabe agent!

It's one of those times of year again where as a professional DJ who cares about what I do, my blood starts to boil (and it's not caused by the current heatwave we're experiencing in the UK). The other time of year where this happens is Christmas. What's...

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Happy Birthday Mark

Although my main line of business is in providing the entertainment for weddings, I also occasionally take a sideways step into the world of milestone birthday parties. Variety after all, is the spice of life. Mark booked me for his 50th birthday around 6...

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How loud is loud?

It seems fairly obvious doesn't it? A disco should be loud....but just HOW loud can it be before it causes damage to your hearing? Actually - not as loud as you might think! And permanent hearing damage caused by loud music is a very real problem - trust...

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