It’s silly season again!

No, I don’t mean wedding season or the Christmas party season….I mean New Year’s Eve.

Dear reader…this post is an insight into the darker side of this industry that you as a customer are probably blissfully unaware of!

I’ll apologise before I even start. I don’t like negative marketing in any shape or form….it’s not how I operate. BUT, this topic really makes my blood boil as somebody who takes a pride in the service I offer!

Beware the “wannabe” entertainment agent!

What I’m seeing this year for New Year’s Eve is what’s becoming the norm in this job for any party these days….”wannabe agents” taking on parties and then unable to cover them! And the number of “DJ urgently required” messages I’m getting is alarming and disturbing….it gives the entire industry a bad name!

It’s not a new phenomenon, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with booking your party entertainment via an established and reputable agency (I personally don’t use them because they take a massive slice of the fee you pay for doing next to nothing). That’s just my own personal preference though….

As I’ve already said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with proper and reputable agents that do things by the book and look after the DJs they use. The “wannabe’s” don’t work that way though.

They’ll take an enquiry for a party (it doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve but that’s when most of them appear), take a cut of the fee charged to the client, and then pass the job on as cheaply as possible to any DJ that needs work via the likes of Facebook.

The DJs that haven’t GOT a New Year’s Eve booking by the start of December tend to be the lower end of the market….the “bedroom” DJs that think they’re Avicii but have no experience of actually working with a live crowd.

These are the types who will turn up with cheap equipment from Maplin et al which might last for the duration of the party if they’re lucky. Nine times out of ten, they play music from the likes of Youtube or Spotify (illegal in the UK but hey…who cares about doing the job right and actually rewarding the recording artists that make this job possible?), and certainly won’t be spending January filling in their tax returns.

A reputable agency will have vetted the DJs on their books to ensure they meet certain standards regarding professionalism and quality (they have their own reputation to protect after all)…these cowboys don’t give a damn so long as somebody turns up.

There IS an upside to this tale of woe though….sort of!

They’re being well and truly bitten on the backside this year, and whilst I feel for the many parties that won’t have a DJ at the sound of Big Ben chiming in 2018, the upshot is that hopefully the fools acting as agents will end up with their reputations shot and find it hard to obtain work in the future.

This will in turn help to promote those of us who do the job properly, care about our customers and strive to provide the best service possible!

I personally have no axe to grind on this one…I haven’t worked New Year’s Eve for several years now and have no plans on doing it in the future. I’ve turned away dozens of potential bookings….I prefer to spend the time with my family since I don’t see them much at weekends during the rest of the year.

Yes, I could have taken them all on, taken a cut of the fee and farmed them out to unknown bodies with a laptop and a set of speakers…..I don’t work that way though.

Yes, the rig will be on standby should the call come in (it always IS when I’ve got a night off….I’m not that heartless). I won’t be cheap though….after all you don’t expect an emergency plumber to be cheaper than your usual plumber!.

So if you’ve been let down for your New Year’s Eve party, give me a call…but don’t expect a cheap last minute deal. I’ll probably be a lot more expensive than the DJ that’s let you down….but at least I’ll be there!