After a couple of well earned weekends off, it’s time to start work again.

It’s always nice to have a bit of a breather and I generally try to build a couple of weekends off into the schedule every now and then. Working the hours we DJs are on the road takes its toll and it’s easy to burn out. I’ve been particularly lucky in that the couple of weekend’s I’ve taken off have been the hottest of the year….not pleasant to be sweating away behind the decks believe me. I’ve got no more weekends off now until November 🙁

Hopefully the sun will have calmed down a little bit by the time we get to Saturday as my first party back in the driving seat is with the full 16ft Retro Roadshow setup….that’s going to be warm.

I haven’t necessarily been taking things easy though…..because I don’t do that!

Let’s go back 18 months in time. I entertained (with the Retro Roadshow) for a local 40th birthday party. It was at the time, rare to take the entire show out on the road as it was still being re-wired and restored. During the party, I seized the opportunity to take some promotional photos, one of which was the one below.

Retro Rig

Notice to the left of the shot, there’s a pair of Rubik’s cubes balanced on top of each other?

I’ve been asked for these time and again since releasing this shot. Sadly, the cubes weren’t mine and were made specifically for that party by one of the client’s friends. They were cardboard and wouldn’t have lasted for more than a couple of parties either.

But, it got me thinking. Who says the Retro Roadshow has to be “hardcore” retro lighting?

Whilst the main light-show is made of incandescent lighting of the era, there’s nothing in the rulebook that says that any “props” have to be is there?

Light up Rubik's cubesSo, during a boiling hot Sunday afternoon, I started making this little contraption to the right….my very own set of Rubik’s cubes.

After all, back in the days when the Retro Roadshow was in everyday use, it’s how we used to get new lighting effects….we made them ourselves!

They’re fluorescent because the paint gives a more theatrical glow in a disco environment, they’re made of 10mm MDF instead of cardboard like the ones in the promo photo, and two of the top faces will light up along with the main roadshow light show (video of this will follow once I’ve finished construction and wiring).

It’s been hot and indeed expensive work. The cube to the right has cost in excess of £125 to build….I’m hoping to add at least one more to the set. But, I think they’re going to add something different to retro parties which nobody else is doing.



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