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Booking a wedding DJ – what’s YOUR biggest fear?

Your choice of DJ for your wedding can make or break the day – it’s something I’m more than aware of (and believe it or not….it’s a lot of pressure to make sure things go right on the night)

Having done this job for in excess of 30 years, I’ve seen the horror stories. It’s worse in these days of social media where the problems such as DJs not bothering to turn up have become more apparent!

I recently asked couples what THEY feared the most about booking the DJ to provide the soundtrack to their special day, and the responses weren’t actually a big surprise. But let me put those fears to rest!


Christine & Marcus's wedding reception with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

The DJ will play really cheesy music during the evening

This is one I hear a lot.  And it really DOESN’T have to be that way.
I’ll let you into a secret….most DJ’s HATE those action-dance songs, you know….Superman, Agadoo, The Cha Cha Slide. We hear them several times a week!

If you don’t want those songs at your wedding, LET ME KNOW and they won’t be played (actually, unless you specifically ASK for those songs, they won’t be played anyway!).

I provide a planning portal for all couples so that they can tell me what they do and don’t want to hear before the big day. And believe me, if something’s on the “Do Not Play” list, it absolutely WON’T be making an appearance!

My DJ won't show up!

This one actually makes my blood boil – especially in this day and age of instant information where I’m aware of these things happening as they happen!

There are two types of DJ….those (like me) that do this professionally and take a huge pride in what we do, and those that see it as a hobby or a side-hustle. It’s the latter that are the biggest culprits for this one sadly.

In 30+ years of doing this job, I have a 100% attendance record, and that’s something I’m proud of. 

Things can and do go wrong – it’s a fact of life. I’m a human and I get ill, relations die, but I’ve never yet let a client down because of this!

I’ve worked with full blown flu and broken bones. I’ve even had the van break down on-route. I HAVE BACKUP PLANS in place which mean that the show WILL go on!

Technical problems

My real-life nightmare and something I fear each and every time I go out on the road.

Modern equipment (especially top of the range and reliable equipment that I use) is very reliable. But as with all electronic equipment, it can and DOES go wrong at times. There’s no getting away from it.

Even back when I started with vinyl back in 1988, belts would snap on the turntables, lamps would blow in the light show. It’s a story as old as time itself.


I carry backups….and lots of them!

I’m paranoid about things going wrong on the night, so carry a duplicate of pretty much everything you see “on stage”.

It’s not a cheap option (some of the lighting alone costs £1000 per unit), but it means that the party will continue no matter what.

It’s a price I’m willing to pay to make sure I can provide the service I’ve promised!


Wedding DJ services from Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

The DJ will play the wrong song for our first dance

This to me, is shocking. And yet it’s something I hear a lot of.

In days of old, yes it was common for the DJ to not have the correct vinyl track of the selected first dance (I reprise so many parents of the couple’s first dance because their’s was wrong that it’s unbelievable!)

In this day and age of modern technology and music available on demand, it’s unacceptable to NOT have the correct version of the first dance track.

I check, double check, and then check again that the first dance song I’ve got cued up is the right version, and even then it’s ready to go on THREE different devices just in case something goes wrong (see the above item of Technical Problems).

Is this the sort of DJ you're expecting for YOUR party?

The setup will be bad/the sound will be awful

I really DO understand this one!

There is a LOT of kit available to us as DJs, some of it really good (but expensive), a lot really bad (and cheap). The budget DJ will go for the latter, I buy the former…because it matters!

I learned a very important lesson very early on in my DJ career….buy cheap – buy twice.

And it’s true!

I take a lot of pride in the look of my equipment and how it sounds. I don’t opt for the cheapest option by a long way (the average “rig” you’ll see me with is around £15,000 in value excluding the music!).

Whilst I’m never going to fill Wembley Arena with my sound and lighting, I’m more than capable of filling a marquee with 200 guests without blinding them and making their ears bleed!


Djs just do this for fun

Definitely NOT!

This is my job. It’s how I put a roof over my family’s head and feed them!

Believe me, packing up past midnight after several hours of hard thinking and then driving home and unloading, then getting in bed at 4am is NOT fun….in fact it can be punishing!

I take each and every party very seriously. I’m good at what I do and it pays my wages every month.

While there are DJs out there that do this for fun, it’s far from being an easy career choice.

But it’s a job I love with an absolute passion and you have my guarantee that you party will be one that you and your guests remember for a long time to come!

In conclusion...

I’m NOT the stereotypical DJ you expect to see at a wedding!

Far from it!

I take a big pride in working with each and every couple I provide the entertainment for to ensure I’m doing what THEY want!

It’s how I’ve earned my reputation and it’s what I do best!

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