Helena & Duncan's wedding reception at Rosewood Pavillion

I’m in the middle of a huge online debate at the moment….and it’s not necessarily a pretty place to be!

Yes….most DJs are their own worst enemy…but I digress already!

Whatever the competence of the participants…it got me thinking…what exactly ARE brides looking for when they book their wedding entertainment?

At the moment, there are all sorts of different ideas, ranging from the number of lights provided in the price to whether or not the DJ will take requests on the night…..surely this should all be self explanatory shouldn’t it? I provide the right amount of lighting for the venue and certainly welcome requests on the night….that’s what a DJ does, isn’t it?

Well…apparently not!

I’m old school. I believe in providing exactly what my customers need for their function within my price. It’s not rocket science….you book a mobile disco for your party or wedding reception and expect them to provide the right amount of music and lights.

Or is that just me?

It appears that some charge extra for more lighting! Really?

Want a sub-woofer added (that’s the bit that makes the bass notes by the way)….that’ll be £XYZ more please!

At the same time, I’m seeing brides pay a lot more for the candy cart, the LOVE letters (which don’t add a lot to the party let’s be honest) and three hours worth of automatic Photo Booth than I’m seeing them prepared to pay for somebody who can make or break the evening reception!

Anyway…back to the plot…what do YOU want from your wedding entertainment?

I seem to be unique in that I work differently to other wedding DJs. When I take a booking, I listen to what my clients actually WANT from their entertainment. Maybe that’s just somebody to play music.

Or maybe they want more….

I can put the FUN into your FUNction with activities you’d probably never even thought of such as:

  • The Shoe Game (often known as the Mr & Mrs or Newlyweds game)
  • Pearls of wisdom
  • Games such as Space Hopper racing, balloon and spoon and limbo dancing

The only limit to the fun at YOUR wedding reception when you book me is your own imagination!

So, when you’re looking for your wedding entertainment….do you want the cheapest DJ possible who will stand in the corner and press play on a tried and tested playlist, or do you want something just a little bit different and tailored to YOUR needs?


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