The budget DJ didn't turn up!

I don’t like this sort of scenario one bit….in fact it makes my blood boil!

There are two types of DJ in the world (and this happens all over the world), those that do the job because they care about what they do and make a living from it, and those that do it for beer money.

Tonight – the beer money DJ struck yet again!

I was scheduled to have a well earned weekend off. After all, I’ve done I don’t know how many weddings and parties over the past several weeks and it was time to spend an evening with my family and a couple of well earned beers . The rest of September and October are busy….I need a rest.

At 8:30 this evening, the phone rang with a very panicky function manager from a local(ish) hotel. I was driving at the time so couldn’t answer the call, but he left a message along the lines of “we need an emergency DJ in the next hour”.

I know for fact that the party concerned was a wedding. How? Because I quoted for the job several months ago and was too expensive. I’m not the most expensive DJ in the area (far from it), but sometimes the budget restricts what a bride and groom can afford. Other times, they’re trying to get the best deal possible. Either way, I was never the DJ for their wedding.

Now, I could have responded and offered my services. They would have been at my usual fee (after all, do you expect an emergency plumber to come out cheaper because you’ve called at the last minute?). But, by the time I’d loaded the van, travelled to the venue and set-up, it would have been 10pm at the earliest. The venue can only play music until midnight so to be honest…it’s not worth me going to all that effort.

I rarely cover emergency gigs where the original DJ hasn’t turned up, and it’s the same story for a lot of DJs. There ARE occasions where this happens, but it’s only for trusted colleagues where something genuine has gone wrong (and that literally means a death in the family).

In this case, it’s suspected that the originally booked DJ was offered more money elsewhere as so often happens when a low-budget DJ is booked. It happens every single week and to those of us who take what we do seriously…it’s bloody annoying. It gives us all a bad name!

Add to the fact that my services wouldn’t have been appreciated at the price I would have charged to cover the reception and my family time is much more important…sorry, but the night off was more important.

It seems like a cruel attitude to take, but believe me…I’m not the only DJ that turned this one down in favour of a night off!

At the moment, I’m waiting to here if a DJ was found to cover the wedding. Looking at various forums and Facebook feeds, I suspect this didn’t happen. It’s sad for the couple concerned and I really hope they found a way to end their big day in style. However, cutting corners on the evening entertainment often ends in tears…it’s something I see regularly.

As always….there is a lesson to be learned here (as there always is). Professional DJs aren’t cheap (in fact, you can expect to pay £80+ per hour…sadly that’s not what we earn though but that’s another post entirely!).

A professional DJ would have issued a contract to the couple assuring them of many things, least of all that they’d turn up to the biggest party of their lives or if they couldn’t for some valid reason….arrange for a suitable DJ for cover for them in their absence.

So whilst I professional DJ such as myself may seem expensive….at least we’ll turn up and provide the party you were hoping for. Can you say the same for the budget DJ you booked?