Caroline and Steve's wedding receptionI love weddings. 

They’re all special and unique in their own way, and this one was no exception.

Caroline and Steve were married during the week at the local registry office, and decided to celebrate with their family and friends on Saturday evening.

So, we all turned up at the small village hall in Harlston, just outside Cambridge and set up ready for the party to begin. Balloons were inflated, tables put out, the bar stocked and of course, the disco assembled and matched to the colour of the wedding theme.

The theme? Black and white. How, I hear you ask do you match the disco to that?

Not easily. Normally with weddings, I’ll make sure the setup is gently lit during the background music, speeches and non dancing parts of the day in the colours of the wedding theme. However, lighting doesn’t do black, and having everything lit up in white is very harsh.

However, I have full control over the lighting, so I’m able to do white, but turn the brightness out of it so it doesn’t blind people. Add to this, the booth can be made to be black, white or a combination of both, the speakers are black and I can “dress” lighting poles in either black or white….and there you go. Just a little attention to detail I like to provide đŸ™‚

Anyway – back to the party.

Caroline and Steve had provided a list of music they wanted to hear at their reception – something I always encourage, but they also wanted guests to make requests as well. This is where the skill of a DJ can be useful.

During the week, I sat down and prepared two playlists from what Caroline and Steve had provided. Some of the music wasn’t going to work on a dance floor, so those tracks were relegated to background music for whilst guests arrived, settled in, and ate. They worked really well.

Then onto the formalities of the evening. Because Caroline and Steve married during the week, they wanted to repeat their wedding vows in front of their guests. I love it when this happens, and I know for fact it takes a lot of courage to stand in front of people with a microphone on a loud PA system and confirm your undying love to each other.


They both did it impeccably.

Then onto the cutting of the cake. They wanted this staged with several different parts of different tracks lasting around 10 minutes in total. Things got a little out of line with where the cake was and where they were, so again the skills of an experienced DJ take over for this part of things.

The assembled guests learned a little of the history of the wedding cake whilst things were sorted, and eventually the cake was cut. Time for the first dance.

I’d already tested the lighting for this one with the official photographer, so the photos should come out a treat (I always work with photographers and videographers where possible to give them the best chance of getting the perfect shot from the lighting perspective).

Finally – it’s time to open the dance floor to the guests….and they didn’t let me down.

A mix of a combination of heavy rock and 50s rock and roll dominated the evening, and pretty much filled the floor for the duration. I like it when that happens đŸ™‚

Closing down time came around far too quickly unfortunately, but rules is rules and I have to obey local licensing and the orders of the hall committee. Lots of thanks and handshakes and the feeling of a job very well done.

So, all the best for a very long and happy future together Caroline and Steve.

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