That’s the holidays over…time to go back to work.

August is a busy month of weddings, and my first gig back was no exception with the wedding of Emma and Matt (aka Mr & Mrs Robinson) at Ely Beet Sports & Social Club.

It was HOT in there! This unfortunately curtailed the dancing somewhat with a lot of guests preferring to be outside where it was slightly cooler until much later in the evening.
<begin rant mode>
Local licensing dictates that the Beet Club have to close their doors and windows when music is being played…..because somebody built houses next to an established entertainment venue (the sooner planners wake up and realise they’re killing venues by doing this…the better. If you decide to buy or rent a house next to somewhere known for holding things like music nights, parties and wedding receptions….accept that you might just hear a little noise!).
<end rant mode>

It was a good night with a wide and varied mix of music, from Motown (Emma specifically asked for lots of Motown during our planning meeting), a little Ska, 70’s disco, 80’s hits, a smattering of cheese and the current chart.

All the very best from Imagine Disco for a long and happy future together Emma and Matt.