Tonight saw me nice and local in the Swan on the River at Littleport for a joint celebration. It’s 20 years since Jan & Ron had their wedding reception in the very same function room as we were in tonight, and later this year it’s Jan’s 50th birthday.

What more reason do you need for a party?

This is a venue I’ve never managed to play in before because every time somebody’s asked me to go there, I’ve been booked already (I get booked up to 18 months in advance!). Having been to the pub itself on many occasions in the past, it was nice to actually go and do a disco there.

The order of the evening was fancy dress, and there were some really impressive costumes there. Myself? I was dressed as a 70’s DJ including the frilly shirt and massive gold medallion…we’ll it’s rude not to take part isn’t it?

This one took a little while to get going unfortunately. It’s been another hot day and the function room was boiling until later in the evening when the outside temperature dropped…..and then the party

Music ranged from Motown right though to the current charts with plenty of requests coming in for 80’s, 90’s club and of course, cheese (love it or hate it….if it’s going to get people onto the dance floor, who am I to argue?).

The night ended with a section of slower tracks as requested by Jan and Ron and the grand finale….the Can Can by Bad Manners (I really can’t remember the last time I heard that track, let alone played it!)

So, all in all a really good night. Plus being local I was home in good time and able to enjoy a well deserved ice cold beer before bed.

It’s now time for a little sleep and then off for Summer’s 6th birthday party tomorrow afternoon.

I love this job 🙂