Today saw me at the second wedding of the weekend, this time for Laura and Dan at Burleigh Hill Farm in Somersham….a completely new venue for me.

I like this venue…a LOT. When I turn up at a venue I expect a lot of hard work to move a tonne and a half of equipment from the van to the setup area. It normally takes around 45 minutes, involves a lot of sweat and several explicit words when stuff falls onto my toes.

This venue though….open the double doors at the side….and DRIVE IN! Now that makes for a really easy setup at the beginning of the evening and pack down at the end of the night.

I digress though dear reader. The effort in setting up and dismantling is quite rightly not something you need to be worried about….back to the plot.

The plan was for me to provide background music and general wedding breakfast services for the afternoon, and then work with a live band during the evening. No problem and nothing out of the ordinary…..except that the wedding breakfast is in a completely different room from the disco and band.

Not a problem. I have a standalone system which is normally used for unattended wedding breakfasts which is able to provide the background music, microphones for speeches and allow for those all important announcements. It was used today to allow for the disco to be set up elsewhere and it’s a solution which worked very well indeed.

Eating done – it’s time for the cake cutting and the first dance. As always, I introduced the cutting of the cake with importance it so rightly deserves considering it’s history in the wedding celebration timeline.

After that – it’s time to get the guests to assemble at the other end of the building (where the disco and band are) for the first dance. It took a little while but we got there eventually.

The song? Baby I Love You (originally by the Ramones but tonight performed by the band),

The band I must add were brilliant. There’s always a love/hate relationship between DJs and bands unfortunately and there really is no need for it. These chaps were friendly, courteous and really good at entertaining!

Finally – it’s my turn to shine. WOW!

“Usually”, a live band is the main attraction. It’s a sad fact of life for a DJ.

As already mentioned, this particular band were very good indeed. I was worried that I would be seen as the “warm down” for the evening.

How wrong I was!

The playlist from Laura and Dan was very small (10 songs), with strict instructions to play music to dance to but not too cheesy.

Not a problem at all. The band specialised in rock music and I carried on along the same vein. We occasionally strayed into 80s music as per guest requests….it all worked an absolute treat 🙂

So – all the best Laura and Dan for a long and happy future together. You really are a well suited and lovely couple and I thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight

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