A big part of my mission is to offer the very best customer service possible. It makes a lot of sense to respond to customers’ needs and requirements and provide exactly the service they’re looking for,

Last week, I found out for myself just what good customer service is: and it impressed me.

Let’s go back to last Tuesday. My trusty disco van broke down by the side of a busy road due to a faulty thermostat. Of course, not being a mechanic I didn’t know that was what the problem was…. all I saw was the temperature gauge rapidly going into the red.

My first phone call was obviously to my recovery company, who promptly arranged for a local towing company to come and collect me. Within seconds of ending the call, I received a text from the towing company with details of who would be coming and an estimated arrival time. Nice touch and very reassuring.

My second call was to the garage who services my van. I explained the symptoms and asked how quickly they could look at it. I could have made an appointment for two week’s time! Although I have alternative means of transport for the disco, that really wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

So, I called another garage just a few minutes down the road from where I live. I’d heard good things about them but being a relatively new setup hadn’t taken the chance to actually use them.

“No problem” came the reply – “we can look at it in the morning and have it back to you either the same day of the next day at the latest depending on what’s wrong”. 

Wow! I was impressed and very happy at that!

After giving them a few details, a text message was rapidly received with details of my appointment – again, I was impressed (my usual garage works on a slightly less rigid approach but gets the job done).

The tow truck arrived, towed me home and the mechanic took the time to look over the van to try and diagnose the problem. He got it wrong, but with limited resources I can’t complain.

So, Wednesday morning arrives and the van is gingerly driven the 2 miles to the new garage, with a lot of hopes and prayers that it wasn’t going to overheat. Within a couple of hours the garage were on the telephone confirming the dead thermostat and we can have that done for you today.

Brilliant….except I wouldn’t be able to collect because I was about to go out and do a school disco: the garage would be closed by the time I finished, So it was agreed that they’d do the work and call me the next day.

As sure as eggs are eggs, the phone call came the next morning. “All done and tested sir” came the voice from the garage. So 36 hours after breaking down, the van is back on the road again and ready to do business….hooray!

So where does customer service come into this?

It’s simple really. The towing company and the garage which fixed the van kept me informed throughout the entire process….I felt completely at ease. I knew what was happening, I knew what to expect and more importantly, I was reassured that things were happening.

My usual garage? Well they couldn’t even look for two weeks – they’ve unfortunately lost me as a customer  (both as a business and for my personal cars). I didn’t feel “wanted” and my needs for getting the van back on the road as soon as possible didn’t seem to register. 

I try my very best to run Imagine in exactly the same way as the towing company and the garage which fixed the van, and being treated that way myself has made me realise just how important that level of service is. 

  • I’ll communicate with you at all times by telephone and email (I don’t do texts too often)
  • I won’t give you any nasty shocks
  • I’ll listen to your needs and do my very best to achieve them, but most importantly
  • I’ll do my best to make you feel wanted and important as a customer….because you are!