The thing I enjoy the most about this “job” other than seeing people having a good time is the amount of variety that comes with the territory.

Last weekend? A “bad taste” themed party over in Spalding for Andy’s 50th birthday.

It was also an outing for the Retro Roadshow (or a small version of it)…it’s always nice to take the old light screens out on the road for an evening. There’s something about them that just looks like a “proper” disco.

What exactly is a bad taste party I hear you ask? (I actually asked Andy the same question when he booked me). The reply…..”whatever you want it to be”.

So…I turned up last weekend not quite knowing what to expect. BUT…I packed a really loud shirt in the van…just in case….

As it turned out, this was a very good idea. I knew from talking to Andy that fancy dress was to be the order of the evening and I’m always willing to dig in and get involved from that side of things (indeed tomorrow night I’m doing a 1940s themed party and yes….I’ll be dressed to suit the era).

The beginning of the evening started out with a couple of young assistants (Andy’s nephews) who were interested in becoming DJs at a later date. So long as I’m not in full swing, it’s always a pleasure to show people how things work behind the scenes…..nine times out of ten people don’t actually realise just how complicated the job can be.

After that, full party time with the order of the evening being music firmly from the 80s and 90s, with just a little chart and indeed cheese thrown in for good measure. The dance floor was a lot busier than I was expecting and I left that one more than happy with the way the evening had gone.

A couple more birthdays to go for the beginning of December and then it’s Christmas party season with between 4-5 parties a week….eek!