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Freedom is here…or is it?

Do you know what? I’ve entertained at several weddings under Covid restrictions over the past few weeks (ALL of them AWESOME I might add), and yet even though all legal requirements have gone….things don’t “feel” quite normal yet!

I was talking to this weekend’s groom this evening just to finalise those last minute plans to help to make the day that little bit more special for the very newly-wed couple.

Knowing that I’ve been out on the road several times already and that their wedding is to be my first without any restrictions, he asked me how people were behaving at weddings at the moment.

I must add at this point that the weddings I’ve entertained at have had no dance floor as per the very silly Covid regulations, but guests sort-of danced anyway. Or at least sometimes.



Katy & David's evening reception at Hockwold Hall

Things are still a little bit “different” at the moment and the general public really don’t know how to behave when in company!

As many a reader of my Facebook page will note, I’ve spent the lockdowns delivering online groceries for a major supermarket chain. Netflix subscribers that have watched Lucifer will instantly recognise that as my own personal Hell loop! 😂

BUT…I’ve met a LOT of very scared and frightened people along the way that really don’t want to catch Covid.

And I absolutely understand those fears!

What myself and fellow DJs are seeing at the moment is a reluctance for guests to fill a dance floor as they would have done 18 months ago. Guests would rather, by choice, distance themselves and even wear face coverings.

It’s completely understandable – Covid hasn’t gone away just yet.

They’ll happily dance around their tables or elsewhere in the venue…but being together in a crowded place seems to have been ingrained on the public’s psyche and is going to take a while to overcome. 

So my job has changed a little bit from promising to fill your wedding dance floor to keeping your guests entertained however they feel most comfortable. 

Please, DON’T expect your dance floor to be rammed with singing and sweaty bodies punching the air just yet….there’s a LOT of anxiety around at the moment and that’s not something I can override!


Wedding DJ at Minstrel Court

And so, to my OWN precautions

As a DJ, I can be at several weddings a week….it’s how I earn my living and pay the mortgage.

Although “most” legal restrictions were lifted on 19th July, not all of them were. As a business, there are still certain things I have to do! Namely to stop the transmission of the virus.

I have a Covid risk assessment (I hate paperwork like this). It ensures my own personal safety and that of you and your guests. It’s something I’ve had to do to continue working.

I also have to abide by any Covid rules your venue have in place. That may mean volumes are reduced to stop transmission from raised voices, it may mean not encouraging dancing, it may mean an earlier finish time…the rules for a business aren’t quite as clear cut as made out by the total easing of the rules…in fact it can been blimmin’ hard work at times trying to keep up!

Because I run the risk of potentially spreading Covid from one wedding to the next, I HAVE to wear a face covering when interacting with anyone on the night, and have a massive fan blowing aerosols away from me. I can’t legally be seen to be relaxing the chance of catching Covid and passing it on, despite being double jabbed.

So, please don’t be offended if I put a mask on if you come up to speak to me…it’s what I have to do for the time being and it’s for the safety of you and your guests more than me!

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