Well that was a reaction I didn’t expect!

I recently blogged about modernising the Retro Roadshow. It’s 30+ year old technology and it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain. It’s also becoming very expensive, Things need to change.

Readers seem to have misunderstood the reasoning behind what I’m doing though.

The Retro Roadshow isn’t about to disappear. It’s far too popular (as the number of emails and texts I’ve received since making the original post have proved), and it’s far too dear to my heart. Some of those light screens date back to when I first started DJing back in the late 80s!

But it does need to be brought up to date.

As already mentioned, the light bulbs are now becoming prohibitively expensive, and it eats them. The controllers which power the show are becoming harder and harder to find (they haven’t been manufactured for many years and you can only get second hand ones now).

It’s also uncomfortable to work behind. The full 16′ light show is equivalent to standing behind a 2.5Kw electric fire. In the winter that’s actually quite nice. In the summer…..

I’ve converted a “spare” light screen which isn’t used much these days to LED lighting. It looks absolutely brilliant!

The range of colours and the physical brightness of LED is so much better than the old fashioned lamps. It can also make the light show do so much more.

The conversion won’t happen until September this year however to ensure that those that have booked the Retro Roadshow as it stands can still experience the old fashioned look and feel of the disco of yesteryear.

After September, the Retro Roadshow will be LED powered and a lot, lot better 🙂

Here’s a video explanation showing exactly what I mean

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