Happy Birthday Deb & Ian

An 80s night to remember!

Deb & Ian's 80s themed party with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment
When four guests arrive at a party dressed from head to toe in thick, blue greasepaint and behaving like Smurfs,..you just KNOW it’s going to be a good night!

This one was Deb and Ian’s joint 50th party, and was in the theme of an 80s night which is becoming very popular at the moment!

Their guests excelled themselves in their choices of fancy dress!

Yet again, the Retro Roadshow was in use as the light-show (it’s hot, it’s heavy, but it brings back so many memories of the parties of yesteryear!). The venue itself was dressed accordingly with 80s paraphernalia and posters of both Deb and Ian during the 80s.

With the exception of the unseasonably hot and humid summer we’re currently having….all of the ingredients were in place for an AWESOME party!

The Smurfs, Adam Ant, Top Gun characters, leg-warmers and “choose life” t-shirts were in abundance!

This was to be a very relaxed party….the sort I absolutely love working at. There was no strict timeline, no list of songs to NOT play, and no formalities. In fact it was so hot in the venue, I wore shorts behind the rig! (well it’s how we used to work back in the 80s!)

The music as you’d expect was from the 1980s, with just a couple of tracks from either side of the decade thrown in for good measure (all requests from the guests I might add!)

The party itself took a little while to get going. It’s the summer, it’s still light until gone 10pm, and the function room was absolutely sweltering. Sometimes this is how parties go, and I’m more than happy to go with the flow until guests are ready to start throwing shapes on the dance floor.

Once it got going though….WOW!

80s nights are actually quite difficult to fill an evening with. Many people look back on that particular decade with rose tinted spectacles. An awful lot of the music then though wasn’t dance music. Happily, my music collection has more than enough tracks to keep your guests busy for the night….and this party was no exception…..in fact had it not been for licensing laws it could have gone on for a lot longer!

As with all good parties though, eventually things must come to an end (entertainment licenses dictate when I have to turn off the amplifiers unfortunately 🙁 ). However, 80 of the assembled guests were going back to Deb & Ian’s house to continue the party after the main event, and I received an email at 3am to say the party was still going!

All in all, this was an awesome party, with music that both brings back fond memories and fills a dance floor. What’s not to like?

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