The first of two parties for this weekend just gone – Donna’s 40th birthday bash over in Ely City Football club.

I’ve been working with Donna for a while on this one, and I have to say I was looking forward to playing some of the music she’d asked for, but WOW! I didn’t realise quite how well it’d work.

All started nice and slowly whilst the guests arrived, got settled and tucked into a sausage and chips supper and then the party started.

I can’t believe the epic amount of dancing for the evening. It didn’t matter what I played (and I played everything from 70s disco classics to current chart toppers), Donna and her guests lapped it up and kept my dance floor busy all night….that makes me a happy DJ!

The only downside to the evening was the venue staff insisting that a midnight finish meant everyone out of the building at midnight (Donna and I had actually been told different to this), and stopping the party 15 minutes earlier than anticipated. Sometimes venues are like that (this one certainly is having experienced this before), but it didn’t dull the evening too much, with the guests still singing as I started to dismantle the disco.