Sometimes in this job, I’m asked to do something a little different.

Last night was no exception.

The party? A very good friend of mine was celebrating her 40th. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, until you realise I set up the disco in the corner of her lounge! That’s something I rarely do (apart from testing stuff in my own lounge of course).

OK, it was a smaller than normal setup….the average house doesn’t have the height, width or electrical facilities to power a full sized rig (plus….it’d shake the windows from their frames).

But, it goes to show that you don’t need to spend money on hiring function rooms and halls to have a good time.

Of course apart from the size of the room there are other downsides, not least of all being that the music has to go down to a level which can’t be heard by neighbours after 11pm (otherwise expect a knock on the door from the friendly boys in blue!). In this case it wasn’t a problem – they were all tired by then!

All in all, a really good night. Lots of dancing, lots of fun and a lot more personal than some of the bigger parties I do. I enjoyed that one