Happy Birthday Mark

Now THAT'S what I call a party!

Mark's 50th birthday party with Imagine Wedding and Party Entertainment and the Retro RoadshowAlthough my main line of business is in providing the entertainment for weddings, I also occasionally take a sideways step into the world of milestone birthday parties. Variety after all, is the spice of life.

Mark booked me for his 50th birthday around 6 months ago, after recommendations from a previous client (who is getting married next September and has already booked me for the day!). This one was also the first in a run of three parties which are to use my Retro Roadshow setup!

The party was held at the GER Club in March, a venue I’d not had the pleasure of working in until last night. It’s a really nice hall, big stage, lots of dancing space, in-house bar, friendly staff….I’ve added it to my list of favourite venues.

So, to the party. It had been a warm day….it was another “slow burner”. Sometimes (especially in the height of summer) it takes a little while for things to get going. Guests want to enjoy a drink, catch up, cool down….the trick is to be patient and bide one’s time on the music side of things. The background music I usually start the evening off with was going down well….the guests were happy….it’ll get started eventually.

And when the party DID get started….WOW!

Being in the area of Peterborough, one of the pre-requested songs was “Love Won’t Be Denied” by Len Boone. It’s a track which is virtually unheard of anywhere else in the world. It was discovered in a happy accident back in 1979 by a local DJ who played it in his pub residency one night. A dance was built around the song (which by the way is the best part of 7 minutes long!), and the D&B Shuffle was born. Most parties in this area still include this particular track, and it’s always fascinating to watch!

There was also a traditional “Blame it on the Boogie” routine which by all accounts has been happening when these particular guests get together for the past 30 years….I’m always happy to oblige in organising these things if needed. My only aim is to see you and your guests enjoying the evening….even if that means playing Oops Upside Your Head (which I did last night and along with most other DJs….I absolutely hate that particular song!)

The rest of the evenings music was to say the least….very varied. A Bangra track (another family tradition), and music from the 60s to the 90s dominated, including rock, ska, Motown, Disco, and heaps of the cheesy classics….you name it…it was played!


Midnight struck and the announcement went out (via yours truly) that we were officially into Mark’s birthday…to a round of cheers. Although this venue would normally end music at midnight, we had special permission to go on until 12:15 so that we were dancing on the big day itself.

Lots of handshakes and thanks again at the end confirmed it was a job well done, and a long chat with Tracy (who’s 50th was a year ago to the day and who’s wedding I’ll be providing the entertainment for next year when she marries Tony) – I’m apparently a bit of a legend within this particular circle of friends (shucks….I’m just doing what I do).

So – happy birthday Mark, and I look forward to seeing most of your guests next year (possibly for your Silver wedding anniversary and definitely for Tracy and Tony’s wedding).

So, time to show a few photo’s of the evening then….

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