Tonight was Sarah’s 50th birthday bash over at Sandy & District Conservative Club (a venue I’d never been to before).

Wow….what a party. The pre-playlist was for mainly 80s music, so I was looking forward to this one….A LOT. But on the night…….

The guests wanted “cheese”.

Now, I’ll play whatever you and your guests want to hear…I’ve got no problem with that (unlike some DJs who will flatly refuse to play anything that might have an action associated with it). If you want a song, I’ll play it….it really IS that simple!

So, Oops upside your head, YMCA, Macarana, Saturday Night, Grease Megamix….do I need to continue?

OK, as a DJ I do tire of these songs…I hear them far too often. But tonight was different. Sarah and her guests had massive smiles all over their faces and were having fun, which is what I’m there to provide. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them dancing, smiling and having a good time tonight….it’s what makes this job so enjoyable.