Tonight was Helen and Nick’s Silver wedding anniversary over in the Missing Sock, just outside Cambridge.

I’ve been wanting to work in there for a while, but every time somebody’s asked I’ve been already booked elsewhere, so this was my first time in there…..what a lovely venue!

The evening was a mix of just about everything imaginable, with Reggae and Ska making an appearance along with just a smattering of 90s clubland hits.


However, behind the scenes everything was going very wrong….I was in a cold sweat.

My main mixer and laptop decided they didn’t want to play ball for the night…just as I was about to start work. Not a problem, in cases like this everything switches over to the already connected iPad which is preloaded with any requests and the party carries on until I swap the faulty kit with a replacement – this normally takes no more than about 5 minutes at most (and it’s VERY rare that it happens, but it’s electronic equipment which has a hard life on the road and just occasionally…..).

There was a big problem though….the backup system didn’t want to work either….EEEEK!!!!!

It should be noted at this point that the party was in full swing. I’m more than capable of running the entire evening from the DJ mixing software I have installed on the iPad if needs be….it’s just not the easiest thing in the world to do and it’s certainly not comfortable knowing that the last resort backup is being used as the main playout!

Eventually, I managed to get some sort of sense from the two main playout systems and switched back to those…although with no headphone monitoring from my side of the booth. Not to worry – the party went on uninterrupted. In fact if I hadn’t mentioned to Helen that there was a problem right at the start – nobody other than me would have noticed and that’s something I take great pride in. Your party will continue come what may….I’ll do the worrying, you do the dancing and enjoy the evening.