I think I need a bigger trophy cabinet!

Awards season is a little different this year. There are no spectacular gala dinners to attend, no standing ovations as you walk to receive your award. It doesn't make it any less special to win an award for doing a job I absolutely LOVE though!

Awards season is a little different this year. There are no spectacular gala dinners to attend, no standing ovations as you walk to receive your award.

It doesn’t make it any less special to win an award for doing a job I absolutely LOVE though!


Picture the scene. You’re dressed to the nines in a nice suit and tie, you’ve eaten a lavish dinner having been invited to an awards ceremony which you may or may not have won an award at (you NEVER know until your name is called), your name is called as the winner or runner up in your category and you take the proud walk to the stage to receive your award….

Award Winning Wedding DJ Wayne Braybrook - wedding DJ in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk

The award has been given for doing what you love doing for a living, and is based (mainly) on the feedback your previous customers have given to the judging panel about the service you’ve provided on their special day.

It’s a fun evening, a way to catch up with fellow industry professionals from all trades (florists, venue dressers, photgraphers, bands, jewellery….the list is endless), and a way to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

It’s actually very humbling and incredibly emotional to be recognised for what I see as just doing my job!

2020 though is very different in a lot of ways

It’s been a strange and very tough year, both emotionally and financially.

I’ve had to work with all of my 2020 couples to reschedule to dates next year which will hopefully go ahead, pandemic permitting. All except two have managed to secure me for their big days in 2021, but it’s been an emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty from both their side of things, and indeed mine.

Whilst we should at the moment being in August be in the height of “wedding season”, I haven’t entertained at a wedding since 29th February.

It’s been a very long summer.

So, having painted the picture of how an awards ceremony “normally” works, let me set the scene for my latest award….

Like many full time Wedding DJs, I’ve had to seek alternative employment until we’re allowed to work again.

Despite the Government soundbites of generous support schemes, we’ve been pretty much hung out to dry financially and it’s going to be a VERY long time before we’re allowed to do what we love doing for a living again. Let’s face facts, COVID is spread by close contact and aerosol particles (you know, those released during singing and dancing).

Yes folks, when news of my latest award arrived I was on my break in the transport yard of the branch of Sainsbury’s where I currently work delivering online grocery orders.

Don’t get me wrong….whilst it’s a million miles away from what I do for a living in normal times, it’s actually a very fun and fulfilling job meeting customers every day and sharing stories on their doorsteps. In fact, I’m already considering carrying on with online deliveries as a part time interest when things eventually rotate around to being normal again as a security blanket….because COVID and local lockdowns are here for a little while yet I’m afraid.

The suit, waistcoat and dicky-bow tie for this year at least have been replaced by a plum polo shirt and a high-vis vest!

And yet....

It didn’t make receiving the award any less special. In fact it made it MORE special in a lot of ways!

These awards aren’t just given out like sweets. There are judging panels (my peers and other industry professionals) who review every aspect of what I do in normal times, including the feedback from previous couples.

I don’t yet know what that feedback says (and it’ll probably be anonymous when it does come through). What’s important though is that my previous customers were impressed enough with what I did for them to leave feedback for the judging panel, and indeed leave feedback which has won me another prestigious award!

To all of those couples (whoever you are because I really don’t know who participated and who didn’t) – a massive THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart.

I now have another certificate to frame and hang on my office wall, and another trophy on it’s way. It may arrive in the post…..of there may be a socially distanced style presentation if I can arrange my shifts to suit…..watch this space!

Whilst it wasn’t awarded at a gala dinner this year, it’s going to take pride of place in the Imagine office because of the circumstances under which it was won.


Again, a massive THANK YOU to all of those previous couples who voted for me and what I do – you’ve no idea how much winning an award during such difficult times in the wedding industry means!

I’m going to stop typing now because I’m getting all emotional…..I’m so chuffed that I’ve helped to make everyone’s special day memorable enough to be recognised for what I did!

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