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Coronavirus – will YOUR show go on?

Finally we have some clarification from the UK Government on what’s allowed, and it’s not necessarily good news!

The party is over....for now

Today (20th March 2020), the UK Government closed down the entertainment industry indefinitely.


Too many venues were still insisting on a “business as usual” attitude because they hadn’t been explicitly TOLD to close their doors. As of today, that’s changed.

Yes, I know venues, DJs, photographers and many other businesses in the wedding industry who will not survive. 

And it’s going to take a while to return to the normality of just a couple of weeks ago. The fact that we’re all closed indefinitely which will be reviewed on a monthly basis, would indicate we’re in this state for a long time to come.  

We’re talking months here, not weeks!

My own personal thinking is that it’s going to be sometime towards the end of the summer, or possibly later. And even then, you can probably expect a cap on numbers attending any sort of social gathering (that’s just my speculation).

It’s very hard to run a business, or plan a wedding or party when you don’t know if or when it’s going ahead.

But don’t worry!

I’m contacting already booked customers on a monthly basis (each time the ban is reviewed) to see how I can help to reschedule to a later date. Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Of course if you’re already in the process of rescheduling your date, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  I’ll do everything I possibly can to accommodate your new plans.

I’m still available to talk to, I’m still very much running the office although not for as many hours a day until this thing blows over, and I’m still very much taking future bookings because things WILL get back to normal and we WILL be able to party again!

You’ll still see me on Social Media (maybe not quite as often), and when you do, please remember to react to the post (because it means a LOT)

See you on the other side of this thing when we can party again, and most importantly….STAY SAFE!

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