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Light at the end of the tunnel?

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It appears there may have been some sort of announcement about lockdowns ending and weddings re-starting some sort of normality tonight!

My phone and email literally haven’t stopped all night whilst I’ve been out delivering online groceries, which I’ve been doing since the start of lockdown 1.0 (and that seems like a very long time ago!).


At last, couples have some sort of timeframe to work to. Indeed, I as a business can now start to plan the route out of what will, by the 21st June 2021, have been the 15 months from Hell!

My couples who had originally booked me for their 2020 and even early 2021 dates, have been fantastic! 

I’ve shared many a tearful telephone call with a bride-to-be (especially last March when everything first kicked off),  because her date’s been outlawed or severely restricted. I’ve helped wherever possible because that’s what I do.

Some of my couples have now rescheduled their plans for the fourth time!

Each and every couple that booked me for 2020 and even early 2021 has managed to reschedule with most of their original suppliers, albeit for a date 12-18 months later than originally planned.

Although I’ve shared the stresses and frustrations with each and every couple, I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts that have been going through their minds as to if and when their big days will ever go ahead.

As a business owner, life’s been tough. Until today, there’s been no firm commitment from government as to when I might be able to open for business again. There’s been very little financial support, and the business has been kept afloat from my own pocket (it normally pays it’s own way as any viable business should do!).


21st June 2021 marks the date when weddings hopefully return to normal
21st June 2021 marks the date when weddings hopefully return to normal

Fingers crossed, we now have a date when “normal” will return!

It’s not set in stone yet. There are MANY hurdles to get over before weddings as we knew them before Covid are going to be allowed to happen again, but today’s announcement is at least a positive one!

Many questions still remain on the effect of vaccines and the transmission of the virus, whether the vaccines are effective against the mutations, and indeed whether or not it’s safe to have 100+ guests in a room hugging, singing and dancing (there will be pilot events to test all of this).

Depending on the outcome of those pilots, then we should be full steam ahead for a pretty much normal “wedding season”, and I’m very secretly excited!


My feet are also well and truly planted on the floor at the moment whilst trying to contain my excitement of a return to normality!

We’ve sort of been here with promises to ease things before (although not with weddings mentioned specifically).

The whole road map is reliant on certain conditions being met, tests being passed and the virus itself behaving itself. There’s a long way to go between now and the 21st June 2021…..Covid isn’t interested in a date after all!

I’ll be watching developments and the finer details of tonights announcement with great interest over the coming days to see what’s going to be allowed and when. 

I also have to work on my transition from being a supermarket delivery driver to full time DJ in a way that’s still going to pay the bills! I might be driving a 3.5 tonne van for a little while to come yet 🙁 


Ending on a positive note though

There’s no denying that nobody in their wildest dreams could have imagined what we’ve just gone through! It’s literally the stuff of Hollywood movies!

Shops without toilet roll and pasta, queues to buy essentials, working from home and restrictions on travel. This time last year, all of that was unthinkable! (as was the thought of me delivering online groceries….it really wasn’t in the business plan but I owe an awful lot to my current employers for their help during the pandemic!)

And yet with the miracle of science, we’re now coming through the other side of this thing.

One day in the future we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren about the lockdowns, restrictions, panic buying, clapping on our doorsteps, cancelled Christmas,  and everything else that’s happened and they’ll look at us in disbelief! 

I’ll certainly never quite believe what we’ve been through myself.

But we’re nearly there….the end is in sight!

Weddings and parties WILL return, and WILL be as AWESOME as we remember them before last March. It may be 21st June 2021, it may be a little longer. Either way, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s definitely getting brighter by the day 🙂


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