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My Coronavirus guarantee

Life at the moment around the world is very different from what we’re used to!

We queue to get into the supermarket, most of us are off work or working from home, some of us aren’t actually earning anything.

But, at some point in time the current restrictions will be relaxed or changed (the economy won’t allow this to go on for too long!)

Life will return to some form or normality. The big question is….WHEN?

What is more certain is that the entertainment and hospitality industry will be one of the last restrictions to be lifted. (the Government have said as much several times over recent days).

Rumour has it, potentially not until a vaccine is found which could be this year, next year…’s a big unknown.

Will social gatherings be allowed albeit in limited numbers?
Will you have to wear a face mask to be out in public?
Will you have to cull your guest list to adhere to whatever rules are in place at the time?
Will your selected venue still be in business?

One thing I WILL mention right at the start of this post is that I as a business HAVE to abide by whatever restrictions are in place at the time. Just because your party might be in a marquee in your back garden, I absolutely HAVE to obey the letter of the law and I’m very sorry, but there are no exceptions to that.

As Monty Python once said, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!

Couples will still want to get married (love is love, right?), have parties and to enjoy themselves and I’m more than aware of the planning that goes into each and every event that I’m asked to entertain at.

Trust me, I’ve spoken to so many couples over the past few weeks who are trying to rearrange weddings that it’s soul destroying hearing what they’re going through. There are so many decisions to be made, potential financial penalties, carefully curated suppliers not being available for their new date…

I want to help as much as possible.

So, here’s my promise to you

Whilst I’m not actively taking new bookings for 2020 (because I really don’t believe we’ll be allowed social gatherings for the remainder of this year…and that scares me a LOT!), I’m happily taking bookings for 2021 and beyond.

IF the current lockdown on gatherings affects your party, I’ll happily work with you to arrange a new date at no additional cost (unlike some!). 

My policy is really simple. I’d much rather keep your business and try to reschedule to a new date rather than lose you and have to find a new customer.

And so far, the policy is working!

So far, 90% of my 2020 couples have managed to reschedule their dates to a new date next year and it’s not cost them a penny from my side of things (other suppliers may and will have different policies). The ones which haven’t rescheduled yet are a bit more complicated with issues such as venues not allowing moving their dates because they believe they’ll still go ahead.

I understand how tough things are at the moment and I want to help as much as I possibly can.

As a small business, that’s going to cost me money (it’s complicated) and I’m actually going to have to take on a paid job to keep afloat (eek!). But that’s what I’m prepared to do to keep my business running and ready to entertain you and your guests in the future!

Customer service has always been a big part of what I do, and I intend to stick to that ethos for the sake of current and future customers. No pandemic is going to make me work any differently on that front!


Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

Want to "virtually" meet up before booking? No problem!

Most couples I work with want to meet up for a coffee before booking me – and that’s the way I love to work. I absolutely LOVE meeting you before there big day!

However, at the moment with the current social distancing rules, that’s just not possible.

Or is it?

I’m more than happy to meet you “virtually” using your favourite video chat app to discuss your requirements. Or if you’re a little more shy, a phone call will do!

I can’t guarantee I’ll be smartly dressed or groomed (we’re all working in our PJ’s at the moment…aren’t we?), I can’t guarantee it’ll be as slick and personal as meeting in person. What I can guarantee though is that I’m here for you, and will be whenever your big day happens!

So, if you’re planning a wedding or party for 2021 and beyond, PLEASE get in touch and let’s assume life will be back to some form of normality by then. If it’s not, I’ll do my very best to help to move your date at no extra cost.


Want to meet before booking?

Let's talk!