National Highly Commended Wedding DJ 2020

You may have seen several weeks ago that I became the Regional Winner in the Wedding DJ category in the Wedding Business Awards.

For someone who does what I do for a living in “normal” times, this was a real surprise. It’s just me doing my job, but apparently my customers speak very highly of what I do!

I’m Humbled!

Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush. I do what I do because it’s how I pay my bills, afford holidays and I also enjoy my job….A LOT!

Trust me, I’ve never appreciated the sight of 100+ guests shaking their “thing” on the dance floor more than now…when I’m not actually allowed to work. 

I really and truly MISS what I normally do for a living!

My job is just like your 9-5.

There are very boring bits like marketing and admin (yawn!), and then there’s the fun part of actually doing the entertaining bit (a very small fraction of my actual job, the hardest, yet most fun part!).

I actually work in excess of 60 hours a week in normal times doing admin, dealing with potential couples, planning playlists, maintaining equipment and lots of other things!

So to be awarded the National Highly Commended Award for Wedding DJ 2020 by the Wedding Business Awards in such a weird and unusual year was a massive boost to everything I do!


The Wedding Business Awards 2020 National Highly Commended Wedding DJ Entertainment

This is a massive achievement!

Let me share how the awards work with you, because there’s really nothing to hide!

It’s ALL down to how I operate my business and how previous couples have rated what I’ve done on their day.

Firstly, there’s the customer feedback…

I can’t share it all on a blog post because there’s too much of it. But feedback from previous customers is so important that it’s unreal. YOUR experiences help future customers to make their choice for THEIR wedding entertainment – it’s that simple. Too see some of the feedback I received was AMAZING!

Previous customers were asked to rate me on the following aspects of what I provided:

  • How well did the DJ read the crowd in terms of musical choices?
  • How well presented was the DJ?
  • Was the DJ set up well presented and appealing to you and your guests?
  • How exceptional was the supplier?
  • Were all your explicit requirements met?
  • How good was the communication process before, during and after your wedding?
  • Why did you book the supplier?
  • Was the supplier value for money?
  •  If you could change one thing about this supplier, what would it be?
I scored 10/10 for ALL polled couples!!!! That’s absolutely AMAZING and thanks to those who voted for me!

So…I’m doing my job right!

My business was also judged by industry peers on things like my website, social media presence and indeed mystery shopping calls and emails! (yes….it’s THAT in depth!)

And now – some of my previous customer’s comments.

They’re styled to suit my Social Media profiles but they’re all genuine answers to the questions above!

SO, a massive thank you to my previous couples for the kind words which have helped me to win a national award!

I really enjoy doing what I do for a living and can’t wait to be out there celebrating special days again in the future when it’s allowed and safe again!


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