See you in 2021?

There's a pandemic going around don't ya know. Good friends in the industry are being forced to sell up and there's no end in sight to the ban on mass gatherings. I'll be here ready for when we're allowed to work again though....I promise!

There’s absolutely no denying, 2020 didn’t turn out the way anybody expected it to!

It was supposed to be a bumper year for everyone who makes their living from the wedding industry (an industry which is worth around £14 BILLION to the UK economy I might add), and yet…well it doesn’t exist at the moment.

Because of COVID restrictions, my business is regarded by the Government as being unviable!

Yes, that hurts….A LOT. Imagine has been built up over 30+ years and when I’m allowed to do what I do is more than viable. It pays for itself, my wages, and investment. 

Unviable at the moment is a cruel phrase used by those in power though as a way of saying I can’t earn money from what I love doing during the current pandemic, despite there being ways of working safely (but that’s a story for another day!)

Rustic booth in a marquee setting

My speciality when it comes to weddings is the marquee or tipi style event. I LOVE doing weddings under canvas!

2020 was to see me performing at over 40 weddings of this type, plus some in traditional stately homes/hotels and village halls.

I made massive investments into new equipment and training….and none of that investment has been used. All of the hopes and dreams of my booked couples and indeed myself are well and truly on hold at the moment.

It was an awful lot of work lined up and a lot of fun planned.

And then….well we all know what happened next. The country was put into lockdown, any sort of social gathering was banned by law, and my equipment was tucked away safe and sound, ready for when needed again.

At the time, many of us in the DJ world believed that we’d be off the road for around 3 months. That was 7 months ago at the time of writing this post!

Sadly though, any sort of party is now off the radar for the remainder of 2020 and possibly for a good portion of 2021.

The latest UK Government rulings have stated that what I do for a living in “normal” times will next be reviewed in six months time. That’ll be a whole YEAR off the road!

Local lockdowns are now happening regularly, wedding receptions which were allowed with 30 guests are reduced to just 15, the infections are once again increasing across the world and even here in the UK….it’s not looking good.

Singing and dancing in a public place is now prohibited by LAW!

I never thought I’d see the day that singing and dancing was made illegal….it’s like we’re living in some sort of Orwellian novel at the moment

Sadly, I now have no bookings now until March 2021. Christmas parties have been cancelled, New Year’s Eve isn’t going to happen.

Despite the fact that children are mixing in year groups at school, even kids parties are off the radar.

I miss doing what I do for a living in “normal” times. Really…you’ve no idea how special each and every wedding and party I work is!

They’re ALL unique, they all have a different set of emotions, and I actually remember each and every couple, their first dance and how the evening went….even several years on from the big day!

 What I do for a living isn’t going to happen again for a while….and that hurts…a LOT!

COVID sadly likes a good party with raised voices, singing and hugging as much as I do.

But don’t worry – I’m still here and intend to hit the ground running just as soon as I’m allowed to!

The equipment is safely stored away, it’s regularly checked to make sure it’s going to work when needed, and I’ve taken on a paid job (urgh!) to survive until such time as I’m allowed to work in my real job again. It’s tough, but it’s going to be worth it in the end!

Sadly though, I’m hearing from fellow DJs on a daily basis about how they’ve thrown in the towel and moved to a different career. The Facebook DJ pages are full of people selling off kit and even entire rigs….it’s really, really sad to see so many of my friends in the business struggling.

Wedding Party DJ at The Old Hall in Ely

Imagine WILL bounce back from the pandemic when the time is right to do so and when parties are legally allowed again.

I’ve taken all the steps needed to protect the business and to keep it in hibernation so that it can survive until I’m allowed to work again. It’s costing me a small fortune in storage and insurance costs…but it’s more than worth it!

Trust me, it’s heart wrenching to visit my equipment store on a weekly basis to check all’s OK and “feel” the memories of different bits of kit at different parties, knowing it’s not going to be working for a long time to come (it’s kinda spooky seeing it all dark and cold as opposed to flashing away and warm from use).

These days WILL pass, and when they do – I’ll be there to party along with you!

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