Something different for YOUR wedding?

From experience, brides and grooms want their wedding to be different to any other wedding they’ve ever attended.
It’s always been that way, even 20 years ago when I got married. You didn’t want to be seen to be copying what friends had done at their weddings.
Something I’ve noticed over recent years though, is that this is starting to extend to the setup of the disco too.

The setup of the disco equipment is definitely important.

Whilst it’s true that a good DJ can create a party no matter what equipment they have, a professional and well-presented light show definitely makes a difference. Especially when you’ve spent so much time on the rest of your venue decoration.

That’s no problem. I’m able to provide lots of different configurations of equipment to suit any venue or style.

But, one setup which is getting a lot of airings at weddings at the moment is the one which dates back to before I got married...The Retro Roadshow.

I already have FOUR weddings lined up for this year with different variations of this setup. In fact it’s proving so popular that I’m currently hunting for yet more equipment from the era.

Why is a setup from the 1980s becoming popular for weddings?

The Retro Roadshow is mainly used for 80s parties (for that’s when this equipment was in general use), but it’s also being used for weddings on a more regular basis too….it’s a definite trend.
It can be anything up to 16 feet in width and when the venue lights go down….looks amazing with it’s vibrant colours!

There are several downsides to the Retro setup, the main one being it’s not as “controllable” as modern day equipment.

Whereas current LED technology allows for things like the lighting to be adjusted to any colour for the first dance, the Retro show allows a choice of just 4 individual colours…red, green, blue and yellow, and they can’t be mixed to produce other colours.

Some recent Retro weddings include:

Natalie & Paul’s wedding in Isleham
Christine & Marcus’s wedding in Wisbech
Vicki & Phil’s wedding at The Old Hall in Ely

I was a little confused though as to why a setup which is 30 years old was becoming so popular again, so I asked Stylist Gemma Lander of The White Emporium for her opinion.

I love that 80s setup and the more elaborate setups. It looks like so much fun and that the party is going to be amazing.

I think the bigger setups you do set you apart from other DJs and that there is definitely a market for that. I encourage my couples to inject their personality into their day and your bigger setups would allow for this.

I think this year there is going to be a lot of emphasis on the ‘wedding experience’ and your bigger setups suggest that you offer something a little different. Weddings are going more and more unique and no one wants to see the same as the wedding before

The music by the way doesn’t HAVE to match the style of the lighting (although I’m more than happy to do that). 

Although the lighting is original 1980s technology (don’t worry – it’s been rewired since then and passes all safety tests!), the sound is definitely state or the art digital: meaning I have over 35,000 tracks at my disposal from the 1950s to music which hasn’t even been released to the public yet – the choice is entirely yours.

So, if you’re considering something just a little bit different from the norm for YOUR wedding entertainment….why not get in touch?

Let's talk!

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