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Congratulations Wendy & Mark

Wendy & Mark's Wedding Reception at The Glebe in Sutton with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

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Your first dance track – with a personal touch

Selina and Ashley's wedding reception at the Golden Pheasant in Etton with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

Regular readers will have seen that I spent last Sunday and Monday at the ProMobile Conference, a meeting of like-minded DJs who are working together to improve the services and quality of service we provide. An idea I picked up during the conference was a real eye-opener… One of the keynote speeches was by an … Read more

Fun & Games at your wedding

The Shoe Game with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

I’m a firm believer that the wedding breakfast should be about more than just the scraping of cutlery on crockery! A wedding can be a very long day, especially if your guests have travelled any distance to help you to celebrate. Why not add a little fun into the afternoon to raise a few smiles … Read more