There are certain parties I just won’t do…..

Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment....The parties I DON'T do!I thought I’d better explain myself a little better on the subject of which parties I take on and which parties I don’t…because I’ve had several enquiries over the past couple of weeks that I’ve turned away.

This job isn’t just about the money

OK – I lie a little….just like YOUR day job (for this is MY job), there are certain things I don’t feel comfortable doing. Being self employed, one of the few luxuries is being able to choose where and how I work, and there are some parties I don’t cater for.

Those parties are kids, teens, 18th’s, 21st’s, and house parties.

Why? Surely they’re just a party aren’t they?

Not from where I stand unfortunately 🙁

Let’s take each party type in turn to explain why I don’t do them…..

Kids Parties

OK – I confess….I used to LOVE doing parties for the 6-10 year olds. They involved games, sweets, medals, lots of silly dances….they were fun…but exhausting. I’m not getting any younger and to set up the disco, provide the party and dismantle it all for a two hour party (sometimes three times a day) was too much.

Whilst I still take on a couple of kid’s parties a year (mainly for big organised parties such as my local primary school, Scout Group and people who know me), they’re not something I actively provide anymore.

Teen Parties

Although fun with the right playlist, the music that today’s teenagers listen to really ISN’T top of my favourites. Many of the teenagers now are “too cool for school” and insist on playlists full of rap and hip hop music which contains so many sweary expletives, it becomes impossible to find radio edits which are suitable.

Why radio edits and not the fully loaded explicit versions? After all…that’s what they’re listening to online isn’t it?

Well yes, it is…but as a commercial operation I have to take things like safeguarding into account. Part of that means I can’t expose them to language which is inappropriate for their age group.

18th’s & 21st’s

I’ll group these together because they’re very similar unfortunately. Again, it’s down to the “music” selections. Although I don’t have to worry about safeguarding as far as the language is concerned, there really IS no need for the amount of expletives in the likes of Eminem’s latest hits when older relations are at the party too….it gets embarrassing at times and I’d really rather not be playing the full on versions.

Add to this that a LOT of alcohol is normally involved with the intention of becoming blind drunk…they’re really NOT fun to do 🙁

House Parties

I’m asked to do these a lot. And they can be dangerous.

In a private residence, I’m not protected should things get out of hand as I am in an organised venue. Licensing laws don’t apply (although believe me….make too much noise after 11pm and the boys in blue WILL be knocking on the door…been the t-shirt). I’m too exposed in this situation to be comfortable and as a lone worker have to take my own health and safety into account unfortunately. There are too many stories in the news and on Social Media (including my personal friends) where things have got out of control and things have become dangerous….sorry…I don’t take those risks anymore.

So hopefully….that explains things a little bit

I regularly deal with drunk and abusive guests, it’s part of the job. I regularly play music with explicit language in it (I wish I didn’t have to at times), but they’re all in context with the setting of the party.

More importantly, I have to be aware of the age of the guests present, my own safety, and actually enjoy my job. If I don’t enjoy what I’m doing, believe you in me….it reflects on the party and to me…THAT’S IMPORTANT!