Ever wondered where the tradition of throwing confetti at a wedding came from? Read more at Imagine Wedding & Party EntertainementIt’s time for another Wednesday Wedding Fact, and this week we’ll explore the origins of throwing confetti at a wedding.

It’s information I’ve managed to discover over many years of being a wedding DJ, and it sometimes, just sometimes, comes in useful to know these things! If nothing else, it helps to find out where certain sayings and traditions came from!

Did you know the tradition of throwing confetti at a newly married couple dates back to Pagan times?

Confetti originally consisted of grains such as rice, oats, barley etc. It was thought that throwing the grains would help the marriage to be a fruitful one in regards to childbirth (more important back then when it was important to have many children to ensure survival with high infant mortality rates).

It wasn’t until Victorian times that shredded paper became more popular than rice!

Nowadays, it’s more usual (when confetti is actually allowed), for confetti to be biodegradable such as rose petals.

Of course for a confetti burst during your first dance…the confetti is made of metallic silver strips and white paper…and looks absolutely AWESOME on the first dance photos!

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