Tonight – two parties for the price of one! (I’m generous like that!)

Today saw Emma and Pete renew their wedding vows after 18 years of marriage.

It was also Emma’s 40th birthday during the week, so after the first dance we descended into a 40th birthday party with lots of 90’s and current chart music, including that Peterborough favourite, Love Won’t Be Denied (don’t ask….it has an effect on Peterborian’s not seen anywhere else in the world!).

A good night all told. The formalities of the first dance out of the way led into a good old fashioned party with plenty of dancing, and I was allowed just for once to use the haze machine (it really DOES make the lights look better).

So, congratulations on the vow renewal and all the best for another 18 years of marriage, and happy 40th birthday Emma.