Time for yet another Wednesday Wedding Fact.

Throwing the bouquet
is yet another very old tradition which dates back centuries.

It’s also a tradition which is becoming rarer at modern day weddings. Whether that’s because of the cost of the bouquet in the first place, or whether it’s just falling out of favour, I really don’t know. It’s something I very rarely see these days.

But why?

Good question. You’ve paid a fortune to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers made which have served you throughout your most special day. Why would you want to throw it away?

Actually, a lot of those who DO opt to do a bouquet toss have a second, cheaper arrangement of flowers lined up especially for the occasion…just a useful tip for you 😉

As with most things related to weddings, this one goes back a long way into the mists of time, and the tradition is all to do with superstition and folklore as indeed are many of the things we do traditionally at a wedding (the cutting of the cake is one such example).

Centuries ago it was considered lucky just to touch the bride. And then came a tradition of literally ripping her dress to shreds so as to keep a piece of it for good luck (an expensive lucky charm but in those days they believed in such things!).

To avoid this sort of stress, brides began to throw their flowers at the assembled guests in an effort to distract them. Grabbing part of the bouquet was considered to bring luck and romance, and indeed it’s said that the maiden who captured the bouquet would be the next to wed.

Can I still do this?

Of course you can…in fact it’s something I enjoy hosting and actually stage manage the entire ritual for a little bit of fun! It’s also a very good way to get your guests involved in the entertainment and make them feel a part of your day.

What do I do to turn the bouquet toss into a spotlight moment?

It’s actually quite simple. I’ll bring the disco lighting up to white lighting so that people can see everything and take photos. Then I invite all of the single ladies to stand on one side of the dance floor. This is all normally done over a loop of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce just to enhance the atmosphere.

You obviously, will stand on the other side of the dance floor with your back to the assembled maidens (after all, it wouldn’t be fair for you to be able to aim your flowers at a particular guest now, would it 😉 ).

It’s now time to involve the rest of your guests with a countdown to the big throw, and lots of clapping and cheering until the bouquet is captured by the lucky lady on the other side of the dance floor.

Who is she? I’ll soon find out with the aid of. microphone, and indeed who her intended might be (if she indeed is in a relationship), and end the moment with a round of applause from the guests.

It’s a simple but effective way to carry out an old tradition with a little bit of fun thrown in for good measure.

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