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Why do we have bridesmaids at weddings?

Why do we have bridesmaids at weddings?

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Welcome to yet another Wednesday Wedding Fact, a series of articles where I try to uncover the meanings behind some of the usual traditions at weddings.

For this fact, I research the tradition of the bridesmaid.

The bridesmaid is a very special type of creature. From a Wedding DJ point of view, they’re always the first to drink a little too much Prosecco and insist that the music they’d like to hear will fill the dance floor (that’s rarely the case by the way!)

They’re also normally selected from your best and trusted friends (so no more insults….I promise!)

But…just why do we have bridesmaids at weddings and how many should we actually have?

This one goes back to Roman times.

Believe it or not ladies, your attendants weren’t originally hired to apply lipstick when needed, wipe away mascara smudges, hold your mobile phone for the day or to help you when nature called!

Their purpose at your wedding is much more sinister according to tradition!

In Roman times, a time when evil spirits were a big thing….it was believed that the bride would be snatched by the evil spirits en-route to the wedding to stop her getting wed.

How was the bride of Roman times to stop this?

By using bridesmaids!

Back then, it wasn’t unusual for a bride to have a dozen bridesmaids (think of the cost of all of those dresses and shoes!)…..all of them dressed in the same way as the bride!

Why dressed to look like the bride?

This one’s simple!

The spirits would be confused and have a lesser chance of taking the actual bride.

Sorry bridesmaids, but in those days you were nothing more than decoys!

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