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Wednesday Wedding Fact: The Bouquet

Welcome to another Wednesday Wedding Fact. This week, why does the bride traditionally carry a bouquet?

It’s another tradition which is steeped in history and goes back centuries I’m afraid. There are also several traceable meanings for this particular tradition…

  1. Because brides didn’t smell too good!
    It’s true…until recent times people didn’t wash too often. Clean water (let alone HOT water) was a luxury. Imagine going several weeks without a wash….it’s not a pleasant thought!In those days, the bouquet would have contained fragrant herbs and flowers such as onions and garlic to make the bride smell a little fresher!
  2. It’s yet another sign of fertility!
    Yup – wedding traditions are all about fertility at the end of the day (see the tradition behind the wedding cake!). Flowers produce seeds and pollenate, which in turn leads to new flowers. It works the same (sort of) in humans!
  3. It was to ward off evil spirits!
    Remember….we’re going back to the dark ages here. People believed in evil spirits and the like and it was believed that they could take the bride before she ever arrived at the altar! The flowers were a way to deter them.

My personal favourite and the one I think is the most plausible, is the smell factor. It’s not a problem for the modern day bride who tends to shower daily and wear an expensive perfume purchased specifically for the wedding day…but in the days where a bath was an annual event……

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