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Why do we exchange rings during a wedding ceremony?

Why do we exchange rings during a wedding ceremony?

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The wedding ring….the ultimate symbol of marriage and love between a couple, has been in use for thousands of years in various wedding ceremonies.

Where does the use of the wedding ring come from?

An Ancient Egyptian wedding ringThe use of the wedding ring can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians where plants from the banks of the Nile were woven to create the ring.

It was later incorporated into modern religions such as Christianity and Judaism, and in more recent times is has become customary for BOTH partners to give and receive a ring.


Why the third finger of the left hand?

Vena Amoris - the artery from the ring finger to the heartThe Ancient Greeks believed that this particular finger contained an artery (Vena Amoris) which ran directly from the heart (the main arteries actually terminate in your wrist before becoming smaller arteries and veins).

It was believed that placing the ring here was the most direct route to the heart and therefore, love.

In many European countries such as Poland however, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.

Why is it ring-shaped?

Apart from the fact that a ring fits perfectly on your finger…think of this:

A ring has no beginning and no end – it’s a symbol of infinity. It’s eternal, just the way love should be!

Some other interesting facts!

  • Many spouses never remove their wedding rings. In fact in the West, it is considered to be unlucky to remove the ring once it’s been placed on the ring finger during the wedding ceremony
  • In Ancient Rome and Greece, the wedding ring formed part of a Dowry
  • The metal of the ring used to be an indication of the wealth of the spouses (precious metals such as gold obviously being expensive)
  • The different types of metal can mean different things. Rose Gold is said to represent love, whilst White Gold is said to represent friendship and Yellow Gold, fidelity.

So hopefully, you’re now a little more aware of just WHY rings are so important within the marriage ceremony.