Yet another week with something different last weekend, this time in the form of Kim’s surprise 40th birthday party in Coton.

This time, the theme was the 1940s. The hall was decorated in the style of the era, there were sandbags aplenty and the guests definitely dressed to impress on this one.

The best bit, the surprise (which husband Paul had been planning since March), was still a surprise right up until Kim walked in the door, and it’s rare for that to happen with surprise parties.

So, where do we begin?

It was a nice small setup used for this one due to size restrictions in the hall itself. This isn’t a problem as I have several configurations of sound and lighting I’m able to use so can tailor the setup to suit the venue. I even went so far as to put bomb-proof strips onto the front of the booth, just like they used to do with windows during the Blitz. Add a couple of floor level ground-to-air aircraft search lights and for the space available it looked impressive.

On to the party. Paul had asked for some 1940’s background music as the guests arrived (the likes of Glenn Miller, the Andrews Sisters etc.), and these were kept nice and low to allow the guests to catch up over a drink or two. Then, onto party time.

First off, some current chart stuff as there were loads of kids in attendance, and it’s always better to look after those first to let the grown ups continue catching up. Then, time to sound the air-raid sirens indicating that we’re going back in time to the 1940s.

A few numbers from the era followed which Paul and his daughters had choreographed for the evening. From there we went into a lovely set of 1950s rock and roll, a little Motown, just a smattering of the cheesier dance numbers such as the Cha Cha Slide and the Macarena (if that’s what the guests want, that’s what I play), and back to the current chart to end.

During all of this, we even found the time for a quick Mannequin Challenge.

If you’ve never heard of this phenomenon which is currently sweeping the globe, this is how it works. The backing track to the challenge is by the Black Beatles, and to be honest it’s not the nicest track in the world. Once the track is playing though, EVERYONE in the room is supposed to freeze, preferably in some form of action pose whilst somebody (me on this occasion) walks around filming them.

It’s actually quite creepy being the only person moving around the room and when you play the video back it’s quite impressive.

Lots of thank you’s and hugs at the end confirmed that I’d done a good job for the evening, so once again the drive home was one with a big smile and the sense of a job well done.

In fact, feedback has already arrived from Paul

For this 1940s surprise disco Wayne listened to my wishes and used them to make a perfect night for us all!

Thank you

Next week, just one more birthday party for the year (my good friend Caroline turns 30 on Christmas Eve), and then it’s Christmas parties all the way through to the big Ho Ho Ho!.