8 fun ways to take wedding photographs that you probably haven’t thought of.

Your wedding day is set to be one of the most memorable days of your life, but there is a chance that you will be so busy, and possibly a little bit stressed out, that you won’t get to fully appreciate and enjoy everything that is going on around you. 

This is where have a great photographer who can take amazing pictures comes in. A wedding photographer can help you to capture the moments that you want to remember and cherish for years to come. They have a unique perspective from not actually being a part of the wedding and can move around on the day amongst the different groups of people that you have attending and they can capture moments that you likely won’t witness.

A good wedding photographer is experienced and skilled in not only taking posed pictures of the wedding party but, and possibly more importantly, they are also skilled at capturing candid moments and also thinking outside the box to take unique and interesting shots that you will cherish for years to come.

Hiring a wedding photographer can take a up a significant portion of your wedding budget so make sure that you have a clear idea of what is it that you are looking for and then talk to a number of photographers to see if they match your style and can fulfil your brief. You may also find that as you speak to photographers, they give you lots of new ideas that you hadn’t thought of yourself.

You don’t have to stick with the traditional and expected shots like the bride getting ready, first sight of the bride in her gown, the bridal party all posed together, close ups of the flowers or rings, this is your day and if you’d like to ditch the traditional you can! 

It’s all about being yourself, so if you’d like quirky wedding photography that doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s then that’s fine! If you are a couple who don’t take yourselves too seriously and want to break tradition where it suits then it absolutely doesn’t matter – just as long as you are in love.

Here are 8 outside of the box ideas for wedding photographs

Hopefully, this list will really inspire you to start planning for your wedding day photographs. It should help you get started on your wedding photo ideas list that you can provide to your wedding photographer and ensure they capture that alternative vibe that you are looking for. 

So if you are ready to see some creative wedding photos, keep scrolling below. 

  1. Rather than a front on shot of the bride standing with her bridesmaids alongside her, have the camera positioned on the floor facing up to the sky, have the bride and bridesmaids gather round in a circle and take some photos as they all raise a glass to each other. You can have something similar done with the groom and groomsmen too.
  2. Wear something bold – gone are the days where it’s all white and pretty pastels are all the craze. In 2022, it’s all about uniqueness, being different and bold. Whether you incorporate bold colours into your bridesmaids attire, go for bold shoes or show a hint of your coloured petticoat underneath your oh-so-sensible wedding dress – make sure your photographer is aware you’d like it capturing. 
  3. Have the wedding party all line up and run towards the photographer BUT mix this up by giving different members of the party a different brief on why they are running, the facial expressions captured can be priceless.
  4. For a little bit of fun how about having the groom throw the bouquet with all the men at the wedding trying to catch it? You can always do another throw with the bride as well for a more traditional feel.
  5. Use distance and perspective to your advantage – have the groomsmen or bridesmaids stand back at a distance and then have the bride or groom up close to the camera poised as if they are about to stand on the wedding party. Have the bridesmaids / groomsmen pose as if scared and trying to ward off the enormous foot that is about to trample them.
  6. Incorporate the sunset – for those considering alternative wedding photography using the sunset in the background of your wedding photographs will provide beautiful shots and makes everything look more romantic and magical. When searching for your photographer make sure you ask that they take some photographs of you during this magic hour. 
  7. Get under the veil  – There are many gorgeous photographs where the couple are stealing a moment or a kiss underneath the veil. Having the veil in shot creates an intimate moment where the two of you are the pure focus.
  8. Use props – You can capture some really pretty photos using props and as you’ll know by now fun photos are the best! Pinterest is full of wedding prop ideas from giant floral arches to messages, banners, words or hearts. You can use anything you can think of and it’s the perfect time to show off your theme, personality and fun side!

There are lots of fun ways that you can capture that you can capture memories to be treasured forever, some can be completely candid and others can be posed but can use movement, light, distance, and an alternative perspective to add in some fun. Don’t be afraid of suing some props too – big or small, fun or sentimental – they can all add to you special day and make you pictures that little more special to you.




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