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I'm not a prize winning author, but like to type things which may be useful occasionally

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My Blog

It’s sometimes nice to sit at the computer and share useful information. 

I’m no Ernest Hemingway and I’m not going to win any prizes for my musings but hopefully, you might find some of the information useful.

Drinks on the dance floor are an absolute no-no!

Drinks and dance floors – a mix made in Hell!

It’s becoming a more and more frequent occurrence  and it has to stop…drinks on the dance floor…it’s a massive no-no! Here’s why… Imagine the scene. You’re at a wedding reception, the ladies are dancing without shoes (because after wearing high heels all day they deserve to let their hair down). There are guests dancing with

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Wedding DJ at Manor Mews

Why I Do It For YOU!

Being a self employed Wedding DJ’s the easiest job in the world, right? After all, I just set up the kit, press play, and watch people dance don’t I? Actually it’s not that simple 🙁 (I wish it was). I’ve been doing this job since the black and white days of 1988 as a part-timer,

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Christine & Marcus's wedding reception with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

Cheesy Wedding Music….is it really a thing?

“Oops Upside Your Head I Said Oops Upside Your Head!” Don’t worry dear reader, I haven’t turned into Dave Nice or Mike Smash, or even Ray Vonn! But, there are some DJs that will play this type of music at each and every wedding they go to! It’s actually a fear of most wedding couples!

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