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I'm not a prize winning author, but like to type things which may be useful occasionally

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My Blog: Musings from behind the booth

It’s sometimes nice to sit at the computer and share useful information. 

I’m no Ernest Hemingway and I’m not going to win any prizes for my musings but hopefully, you might find some of the information useful.

Emily & Chris's wedding at Burleigh Hill Farm

Help! My wedding DJ has cancelled on me!

It’s the thing most couples dread….a phone call to say their Wedding DJ isn’t going to be able to be at their wedding. We’re in August..peak Wedding Season, and it’s a cry for help I see far too often! Trust me, I see this an awful lot. And not just DJs but caterers, photographers, in

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There will ALWAYS be someone who can do it cheaper!

I’ve found somebody cheaper – can you match their price?

This isn’t a rant (well…not really), but I’ve been asked this question several times over the past few weeks and thought it best to explain things a little bit. “I like what you do but I’ve found someone cheaper…can you match the price?” The answer sadly, is ALWAYS no! Why? It’s actually quite simple. I know

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