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My Blog

It’s sometimes nice to sit at the computer and share useful information. 

I’m no Ernest Hemingway and I’m not going to win any prizes for my musings but hopefully, you might find some of the information useful.


How to make your wedding timeless

Weddings can sometimes seem like an endless list of timings, things have to be done at certain times or in a certain order. It doesn’t HAVE to be that way for most of your day though….it’s more than possible to have a relaxed day with a timeline which isn’t like a military exercise.

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Nightmare DJ?

Booking a wedding DJ – what’s YOUR biggest fear?

Your choice of DJ for your wedding can make or break the day – it’s something I’m more than aware of (and believe it or not….it’s a lot of pressure to make sure things go right on the night) Having done this job for in excess of 30 years, I’ve seen the horror stories. It’s

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