8 reasons why you SHOULDN’T hire me for your wedding!

Sounds a bit of a strange title for a blog post, doesn’t it! BUT, there are several reasons why I’m NOT the ideal DJ for your special occasion!

I’ve been entertaining at weddings for in excess of 30 years now, for all different types of couples and guests, different styles of venue, different tastes in music….I’ve seen it all (well….mostly).

BUT I'm not necessarily YOUR ideal DJ, and here's why...

1. I don't tend to play "cheese"

OK, that’s a bit of a lie.  

One man (or woman’s) cheese is another’s classic hit. Defining “cheese” is a bit of a nightmare to be perfectly honest.

However, most couples I’ve worked with over the years define cheese as any song which has an action dance associated with it: the likes of Agadoo, the Birdie Song, The Cha Cha Slide.

Oops Upside Your Head as shown in the photo is normally a big no-no unless specifically requested by YOU before or on the night! (Really…from my side of the decks it’s really ugly….you wouldn’t believe how many bridesmaids don’t wear underwear and at my age I’m past that sort of thrill!)

Whilst I’m happy to play this type of music if that’s what you want (what you really, really want), it’s not the type of music which is routinely put into the evening’s entertainment.

To me (and most of my couples), it’s the type of music that the stereotypical Wedding DJ from the 1980s would roll out week on week….and whilst I started working in this industry in 1988, is something I’m more than happy not to repeat.

I’d much rather play music which you and your guests will remember as being a bit more special than just the “stereotypical” Wedding DJ.

Tracey & Tony's Wedding reception at March Conservative Club
As a rule, "action dances" such as Oops Upside Your Head and Agadoo are off limits unless you specifically request them!

2. I won't make your ears bleed with my 2000 gigawatt sound system

By definition, a mobile disco plays music at high volumes…..it’s what we do.

But, how loud is loud?

 It’s actually quite a simple question to answer. There are things called decibels which are used to measure the loudness of a sound…the more decibels, the louder (although doubling them doesn’t double the sound level….make sense?)

There are also safe exposure limits, and conditions within your venue’s license as to how loud things are allowed to get.

As a general rule, I tend to “play out” at around 95-100 decibels on the dance floor (in some venues this has to be less due to licensing restrictions). Bear in mind that anything much over 90 decibels for a prolonged period of time can cause pain and hearing loss.

I think that’s more than loud enough….and my previous customers have agreed.

So, you won’t see me appearing with a concert grade PA system because unless I’m playing somewhere like a concert hall, it really won’t be needed.

What I will bring with me is a sound system which is loud enough without being pushed to it’s limits to provide the right amount of volume for your party.

My setups - Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment
My sound systems are top of the range equipment designed to produce exactly the right volume for the size of your venue

3. I won't blind you with millions of lumens of lighting

If you’ve been looking online for a DJ for long enough, you’ll have seen plenty of photos of “rig-shots”. You know….pictures of LOTS of lights, dots, lasers and if you’ve seen a video of some of them, you’ll have probably noticed that all the lights are completely uncoordinated and doing their own random thing.

I don’t work like that. 

There’s absolutely no reason to bring every single lighting fixture I own to your party because it doesn’t look good.

What I do is match my lighting to your venue and theme. Some weddings may need a huge lighting rig due to the size of the venue, others, a minimal setup.

It really doesn’t take a hundred different lights to create the perfect atmosphere for your party!

What you can be assured of though is that it’ll be more than enough lighting to provide the right party atmosphere, and that it’ll all be “controlled” to work in perfect harmony.

My lighting can be tasteful and discreet, or full on nightclub settings....the choice is yours!

4. I don't have a "set list"

I’ve been asked more times than I can remember….”what’s your set list?”.

Erm….I don’t have one!

No two weddings are the same, trust me! Although there are many similarities, I really can’t pre-programme the music before the day because I haven’t got a sixth sense and don’t know in advance who your guests are and what they’ll dance to (where would the fun be if I pressed play and got on with it?).

As an aside, it’s also not unusual for a guest on the night to ask to see what tracks I’ve got. I’ve actually got around 60,000 tracks on my laptops at the moment (and it grows by around 100 tracks a week)….scrolling through that little lot is going to take a while 😉 

Whilst I arrange my music into different genres, themes and years, I really DON’T have a set list that I work to. I could be playing hard rock at one wedding, and cheese at the next!

Wedding Party DJ Wayne Braybrook at work at a wedding

5. I like to involve your guests in the party!

Your guests maketh the party, trust me!

Without guests dancing, your dance floor is going to look a little bit sparse for the night.

When I say I like to involve them, it doesn’t mean I spend the night on the microphone calling people out for silly reasons and giving “shout outs”….far from it.

I like to take guest requests because, well if they’ve asked for it they’re likely to dance to it.

Of course if they ask for tracks that you’ve specified shouldn’t be played, they won’t be played (I’m not a complete anarchist!), but letting your guests have a say in the music is the best way to fill your dance floor!

Party DJ in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk
If you put your guests in control of the playlist, they'll dance!

6. I don't wear a shirt and tie!

I see so many wedding DJs that work in a three-piece suit that it’s frightening. This one’s actually a long running debate amongst DJs and it gets quite heated at times. 

I dress for the occasion in smart clothes, but I don’t wear a tie (unless I’m there for the ceremony), and I certainly don’t do three piece suits…because I’m not a guest.

Instead, my preferred “uniform” consists of smart trousers, a smart shirt, and a rather natty waistcoat (believe me, it’s the only one like it I’ve ever seen!).

It’s smart, respectful, and at the same time doesn’t mean that I get confused for a waiter, bar staff, a bouncer or one of your guests.

Wedding DJ Wayne Braybrook
Shirt and tie? No way! I'm not one of your guests and like to stand out from the crowd!

7. I don't have a beaming grin permanently tattooed onto my mush

You very often see pictures of DJs with a permanent smile on their face as if they’re working at Disneyland.

Do you know what? When you’re trying to work for 18 hours on an all-day wedding or 4-5 hours on an evening reception….that’s bloody hard work (and hurts….a lot!)

I DO smile (and laugh), a LOT…and for genuine reasons rather than just having it there for the sake of it! But at the same time, I’m also concentrating on what I’m doing.

Do YOU spend your entire working day with a smile tattooed on your face? (Didn’t think so 😉 ).

Sarah & Nigel's wedding reception at Forest Lodge Weddings in Thetford
I DO smile occasionally (on the inside). But I'm actually concentrating on what to play several songs ahead of what you're dancing to!

7. I'm too expensive

I’m certainly not the cheapest DJ in the area, and I make no apologies for that I’m afraid.

Don’t get me wrong, I can occasionally make adjustments to my prices to match your budget where possible, but if you’re trying to haggle me down to the level of the cheapest too-good-to-be-true competitor who may or may not show up on the night, I’m not your DJ. 

Offering to pay in cash doesn’t work either….it’s actually a lot more expensive to bank!

What I offer is genuine value for money in terms of experience and previous customer satisfaction. I also have to pay the bills, feed my family and live.

With in excess of 30 years of doing what I do and a trail of very happy previous customers, I can’t be that bad when it comes to value for money!

Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment
Filling a dance floor like this at each and every single wedding I work at sadly costs money

8. I don't offer lots of "add-ons"

Have you seen lots of “add on” packages during your search for your wedding DJ? 

I don’t do them….I do what I do (play music and entertain your guests) very well, and I don’t need the distraction of “add ons”

I don’t offer dance floors, candy carts, popcorn, candy floss, donut walls, photo booths, chocolate fountains or anything else other than the disco.

I specialise in doing what I do very well (it just WORKS), and I really wouldn’t have things any other way! If you wish though, I’m more than happy to recommend suppliers I’ve worked with in the past for the stuff I don’t provide.

I fill dance floors without the need for additional trinkets and services!

So there you have it!

If you’re looking for a wedding DJ that:

  • Plays Agadoo as standard,
  • Plays music too loud,
  • Blinds you and your guests with lights, 
  • Works to a set list,
  • Ignores your guests, 
  • Wears a three piece suit, 
  • Wears a false smile for the day,
  • Is cheap as chips, and
  • Offers a lot of unnecessary add-ons

I’m really NOT the DJ for you!


If you’re looking for a DJ with a lot of experience of filling dance floors and keeping guests entertained to remember the party of a life-time…please get in touch!

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