I’ve found somebody cheaper – can you match their price?

This isn’t a rant (well…not really), but I’ve been asked this question several times over the past few weeks and thought it best to explain things a little bit.

“I like what you do but I’ve found someone cheaper…can you match the price?”

The answer sadly, is ALWAYS no!


It’s actually quite simple.

know we’re in a cost of living crisis – I’m in the same boat but being hit twice! The business (for that’s what Imagine IS) is being hit by higher costs which means less profit to pay my wages (and I’m also being hit by the same hikes in prices).

It’s a double whammy!

It costs a LOT of money to run a mobile DJ business properly!

Trust me…I’ve got the invoices to prove it.

One example? The controller I use to manage the music and lighting has increased in price from £1800 when I purchased it in 2020 to £2500 now (which is scary when I need to replace it). ALL of my equipment now costs around 10-15% more to replace when it goes wrong.

Add to this, storage fees have increased, insurance fees have increased, and don’t even go there on diesel to power the disco bus compared to pre-Covid prices!

As you yourself will have noticed as a consumer, mortgage/rent payer, motorist….EVERYTHING is now more expensive than it used to be.

It’s a sad fact of life that things get more expensive over time. See my blog post on why I charge what I charge for more information (and THAT post doesn’t take into account the current 10% rate of inflation!)


I've not increased my fees since February 2020!

I’m not (yet) jumping on the bandwagon of increasing prices. I’ve kept my prices where they were pre-Covid and it’s actually starting to hurt as my wages from the business are getting less and less whilst like everyone else, my personal bills like my household food, gas and electricity are getting a lot more expensive.

I can only hold out on a price rise for so long!

Please think about these facts before asking if I can do what I do cheaper....

There will ALWAYS be someone who can do it cheaper. They may just be starting out and need the exposure (want to risk your wedding with an inexperienced DJ?), they may not have the back up kit should something go wrong, they may also be the chancer wannabe “agent”.

  • I’m unique – there’s only one “me” doing what I do very well. Can the cheaper alternative be me? (definitely not!)
  • Does the cheaper alternative have my track record of providing outstanding wedding entertainment?
  • Does the cheaper alternative do this for a living (and thus able to give you their full attention) or is it just a side-hustle?
  • Does the cheaper alternative have alternative transport should they break down en-route to your venue?
  • Does the cheaper alternative have a network of suitably professional colleagues that can step in should the worst happen?
  • Does the cheaper alternative carry a full backup of professional grade equipment as spares just in case the main front of house equipment goes wrong?

If you can truthfully answer “YES” to all of the above, then go with the cheaper alternative because they’re a bloody good deal and I can’t match it!

Otherwise, let’s talk!

My fees are set to match the level of skill I provide on the night, my many years of experience, my training as a professional and full time Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies, the quality of the sound and light show, and the need to run a profitable small business that puts food on the table..






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