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A smaller retro setupI’ve read the emails, I’ve listened to customer feedback…the Retro Roadshow apparently stirs too many memories to be tinkered with….I’m humbled!

It would appear that I’m a custodian for something dear to a lot of my customers’ hearts.

This story started back at the start of May when I announced that I’d be converting the Retro Roadshow to LED lighting and dragging it into the 21st century.

It appears that I misjudged the feelings and opinions of my customers….a big mistake :(.

I apologise whole heartedly.

Although the Retro Roadshow holds a lot of fond memories for me (it was my original “rig” from 1988), I didn’t realise how popular it was with the public.

For those that haven’t read the original posts, the Retro Roadshow is a collection of “light screens” from the 1980s (which is how mobile discos used to look). It’s hot (it’s like standing behind a 2.5kw electric fire), it’s heavy (it weighs in at around a metric tonne), it’s inefficient in today’s eco society and it costs an absolute fortune to maintain.

The plan was to convert it to energy efficient and cooler LED lighting. The look would be the same, but the lighting would be provided by more modern computer controllers (as with my modern day setup). The project was going to cost me as a business in the region of £1,000 to complete.


I’ve trialled the conversion of a couple of the screens to LED and whilst the results are impressive to say the least, it doesn’t in my own mind feel “right”. It’s certainly not true to how the look of the disco used to be!

There’s something special about seeing incandescent filament bulbs glowing behind the pearl acrylic which LED doesn’t quite match. It somehow seems too cold and clinical.

So the lamps are here to stay!

The original budget to convert the screens to LED has now been diverted into restoring them into looking as they would have done brand new. New lamps, a complete re-wire for safety, new perspex in the front, and more importantly (and one of the reasons for the idea of converting to LED), I’ve found a supplier that makes the controllers which power the entire light show using the original filament lamps!

The new controllers are computer controlled (sorry – it’s the only way now), and are one hell of a lot safer for me to operate during the party. They’ll also be easier to gain PAT certification for.

The biggest benefit of the new controllers to me apart from the fact that I no longer stand the chance of electrocution is that I can create my own patterns with the lights. It’s something you as a customer probably won’t even notice….from where I stand though it’s important and contributes to the quality of the party.

The end result will be that the Retro Roadshow will continue for at least another 10 years (hopefully longer) to help customers to re-live the disco experience of the past exactly as it used to be!

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Why not book the fully restored Retro Roadshow for your party?

It’s an authentic and lovingly restored relic from the mobile disco of the past and is ideal for themed parties and milestone birthdays.


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