Drinks and dance floors – a mix made in Hell!

It’s becoming a more and more frequent occurrence  and it has to stop…drinks on the dance floor…it’s a massive no-no!

Here’s why…

Imagine the scene. You’re at a wedding reception, the ladies are dancing without shoes (because after wearing high heels all day they deserve to let their hair down). There are guests dancing with pint mugs and gin glasses on the dance floor (I see this each and every week), and all of a sudden….yup – it’s slipped from the hand and is over the floor in a thousand shards!

Trust me as someone who’s been to too many weddings and parties to remember….drinks glasses rarely bounce!


Laura & Kier's evening reception at The Old Hall in Ely

Take a close look at the fairly typical photo above...

Did you spot the pint glass being waved aloft top right? (yes….it hit the floor)

Did you notice the young lady bottom left with no footware?

On the night, I did and it’s something I have to be ever aware of (plus listening out for the distinctive sound of glass exploding on the floor above 120dB of PA system).

Drinks and dance floors really DON’T mix!

And there’s only so much I can do to protect you and your guests I’m afraid. I don’t always hear the glass breaking (I don’t hear much where I stand), I don’t always see it hitting the floor.

What I do know though is that many venues in the past have been successfully taken to court over broken glass on the dance floor and as someone who works in venues each and every week, this is something I’m keen to avoid because it’s so uneccessary!


I’ve seen first hand what a bare foot on glass turns out like, and it’s painful and not pretty!

When a glass shatters on the floor, I have to pretty much stop the party, bring the lights up to emergency lighting (bright white) levels and wait for the venue to clear the mess away. It’s a real dance floor killer!

Even then, there’s absolutely no guarantee that the venue will be able to clear away all bits of the glass on the floor!

On a more personal level, there’s nothing worse than a guest who’s had a couple of sweet sherries more than normal approaching my equipment to make a request with the contents of their glass slopping over the sides.

The equipment I use costs several thousands of pounds and trust me, I will and have in the past taken offenders to court and won over their stupidity and damaged equipment!


Sorry, but not sorry!

I might sound like a party pooper on the night whilst I’m nagging on the microphone to take drinks OFF the dance floor – but I do it for many good reasons!

The last thing I want to see is you or a guest injured by treading on broken glass!

It’s so unnecessary and can be so easily avoided by leaving your drink at your table!




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