Fun & Games at your wedding

I’m a firm believer that the wedding breakfast should be about more than just the scraping of cutlery on crockery!

A wedding can be a very long day, especially if your guests have travelled any distance to help you to celebrate.

Why not add a little fun into the afternoon to raise a few smiles both on the day and in years to come?

The Shoe Game

Are you old enough to remember Derek Batey’s Mr & Mrs Game on a weekday lunchtime? (I am!).

This is a slight twist on the original format and is guaranteed to have your guests in stitches!

How does it work? It’s really simple. 

The newlyweds sit back to back so they can’t see each other’s answers. They have one of their own shoes in one hand, and one of their partner’s shoes in the other (it doesn’t have to be shoes by the way….anything which identifies each person can be used including table tennis paddles).

I then ask a series of between 20 and 30 questions depending on the time allowed and how quickly they’re answered. There are no right or wrong answers (or are there????). As each question is asked, you raise the bride’s shoe if you think she is the answer, or the groom’s shoe if he’s the correct answer.

I have a set of questions I can use, or you can provide your own – it’s entirely up to you. Questions can include things such as:

  • Who asked for the first date?
  • Who’s the better cook?
  • Who steals the duvet?

Want to see an example? Here’s Kimberley and Jason’s shoe game:

Pearls of Wisdom

This one tends to take place during the wedding breakfast and relies on your guests offering you pearls of wisdom for a long and happy marriage.

Cards are placed on the tables for your guests to complete with just one question:

“My one tip for a long and happy marriage would be……”

Once completed, the cards are collected and assembled into an album for you to keep. BUT….it’s always nice to read out some of the funnier ones to the guests as well (usually just after the speeches)

Anniversary Memories

Similar to the Pearls of Wisdom above, your guests are given a card to complete. The difference being that the cards are numbered for various important wedding anniversaries (for instance your first, fifth, tenth etc.)

These cards are then sealed in envelopes and given to you… be opened on the anniversary in question.

It’s a nice way to remember your wedding day for a long time to come…

Of course it might be that you have your own ideas of something a little different to do during your wedding reception. I’m always open to ideas and am more than happy to incorporate them into your wedding entertainment.

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