Party DJ at Ely Rugby Club: Happy 40th Neil

Last night saw me just down the road at the Ely Tigers Rugby Club for Neil’s 40th birthday celebrations.

Neil wasn’t too keen on turning 40 back at the end of January and so decided to mark the occasion a little later with a party for friends and family.

Wow! What a night!

This was my first time at Ely Rugby club, and I was dreading the “workout” I was going to get from hauling a metric tonne of equipment up the fire escape into the upstairs function room.

Turns out I was right to dread it….I’m desperately out of shape after a good long winter rest and it’s time to start exercising again….that was hard work!

Once in though, it’s a really nice little function room which last night held around 80 people (you can probably get about 100 in there comfortably with no problem). Really friendly and talkative staff, a nice space to set up the disco in….what’s not to like (apart from the stairs)?

Got everything set up and tested and settled in with some background music as is the norm whilst the guests arrived. No pressure on this one by the way….I knew a fair few of the guests (Neil and a lot of the guests live in my own village). For some reason, it’s always a lot harder when you know who’s there.

And then we started…..with Barbie Girl by Aqua!

I should state at this point that Neil had been asking his guests to make playlist suggestions for several weeks, so I opened up a portal into my event planning software to let them do this…..Barbie Girl was one of the first requests and what better way to start a night of what was to be fun, fun and more fun.

It wasn’t all music of this type by the way. There were a lot of 80s and 90s classics as you’d expect for a 40th birthday, along with a lot of the usual suspects which people ask for once the falling-down water starts to take effect at about 10pm. It didn’t matter what I played though…they were up for a party and the floor was rarely quiet.

All in all, a really good night and another happy customer 🙂

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