How to make your wedding timeless

"Timeless" and "elegant" aren't normally words you'd associate with your evening party. But it doesn't have to be that way!

If you’ve had a look around my website, you’ll probably realise that I’m a big fan of fun and informal wedding celebrations. I absolutely LOVE working at weddings where things happen when they happen (within reason of course), where things are relaxed enough for it not to matter where the timeline slips a little bit.

I’ve worked at too many weddings to possibly remember over the years, but those that stand out as the most memorable are those that work in exactly the way. 


Let’s flip the coin for a second and look at a different type of wedding: the one that’s been planned down to the minute detail (and yes, I’ve worked at those ones as well).

The atmosphere isn’t as relaxed. Suppliers are constantly checking their watches to make sure things are running on time, guests can sometimes feel like they’re being herded like sheep into different parts of the day….

Sarah & Nigel's wedding reception at Forest Lodge Weddings in Thetford

Some parts of the day obviously HAVE to run to time

For example, Registrars aren’t too keen on being kept waiting for too long, they can officiate at several weddings a day!

And obviously your prep before the ceremony itself has to run to some kind of plan, things have to be done in order.

And to an extent, this should run through the rest of the day….sort of.

Ollie & Lauren's wedding at Sussex Barn in Burnham Market with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

Let me explain

As any couple I’ve ever met before their big day will tell you, I always say that wedding timings are “ish”.

What’s “ish”?


  • The photo’s will be completed by 3pm-ish
  • The speeches will happen at 5pm-ish
  • The first dance will happen at 8pm-ish

…because things can and DO overrun. It can take longer for your photographer to get the shots they want, it can take longer for some guests to eat their meal than others, it can take a while for some of your evening guests to arrive.


Sarah & Nigel's wedding reception at Forest Lodge Weddings in Thetford

It doesn't mean everything goes to pot though

Far from it, because I ask for a rough timeline of when you’re hoping things are going to happen if I’m to help guide things along.

What I rarely do though is hurry things along so that everything happens exactly on time – that’s really not my style. I’d rather you relax and enjoy your day without worrying that something’s possibly running 5 minutes late.

And it's a system that works!

Most of the weddings I’ve had the pleasure of working at for the past couple of years have followed this more relaxed timeline format, and they’ve been much more enjoyable for the couples and their guests.

The pressure of getting things done to the second is removed,  giving your and your guests time to relaxed and enjoy your special day for what it is….a celebration of your love, not a regimented and military style function.

Do YOU want to enjoy a more relaxed and timeless wedding?

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