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An interesting conversation sprang up on a wedding supplier’s Facebook group I belong to recently….how do we as wedding suppliers come across to the LGBTQ community?

At first, that got me thinking. 

It seems almost strange in this day and age that people aren’t accepted for who they are and need to be given a “label”. It’s almost like growing up in the 1970s where people of a different skin colour where treated differently (and I still don’t quite understand why that was….we’re ALL human aren’t we?)

I’m not jumping onto a popularist bandwagon here either.

I’ve had the pleasure of providing the soundtrack to many such partnerships and wedding receptions in the past. To me, an LGBTQ wedding or partnership (or any other kind of party for that matter) is no different to me in the way that I work.

As with all parties and receptions, I’ll take time to listen to your ideas to find out what you want from the day/evening, and then work with you to achieve those ideas. 

After all, love is love and that’s what matters in any long term relationship, isn’t it?

Now, whilst I can’t claim to be an expert in the LGBQT community, I certainly have no prejudices and I’m happy to work with and learn from any couples who wish to use my services.

What matters to me is that YOUR day is as special and unique as it can be, and that doesn’t matter what your gender preferences are.


Am I available for YOUR same sex or LGBTQ+ wedding/partnership?

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