Rustic style DJ booth from Imagine Wedding & Party EntertainmentRustic and vintage style weddings are without doubt, becoming more and more popular.

Seen a lot in barns and marquees, it’s not unusual these days to see a wedding venue decorated with foliage, packing crates, vintage china…the list is endless and the overall effect is beautiful.

And then your evening DJ arrives and places a load of ugly black equipment in full view of everybody. It doesn’t really do a lot for the look you’ve planned for your wedding for so long does it?

I now have a solution to this problem 🙂

After speaking to a lot of brides and grooms, I’ve taken the decision to build a rustic booth!

Whilst others have done similar, they tend to involve old packing pallets and at times, can look a bit of a mess.

My booth is built from the ground up to fit with my existing equipment, is solid (it’s one piece which folds for transportation) and is built from high quality materials which will last.

I’ve also added twinkle lights to it which are small enough not to be seen during the day, and bright enough to act in the same way as the white star cloth booths a lot of wedding DJs use. The picture doesn’t actually do the overall effect justice.

Whilst there’s not a lot I can do about the look of things like speakers and lighting stands (although I have a couple of ideas on that front which I’m testing!), the rustic booth definitely looks authentic in a rustic setting such as a barn.

The new rustic booth has its first outing in a couple of week’s time for my first wedding of the year, when I’m sure I’ll be proudly displaying photos of it in-situ within a rustic barn setting.

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, why not get in touch and let’s talk about YOUR plans for your big day?

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