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The Music: Wedding entertainment in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk

The Music
Because the music played at your wedding sets the mood for the entire day

The music played during your evening reception and indeed the rest of your day,  is the most important thing I do….and it’s vital that I get it right to ensure the success of the your wedding

It’s also the most complicated part of my job!

I could brag about the 40,000 tracks on my laptops, but I don’t. To quote an old DJ saying, “it’s not the size of the music library that counts, it’s what you do with it!”.

"Really adapted the music to suit the crowd and get people dancing added to our great party!"

Wendy & Malcolm - Oakington Pavilion

So what do I play?

Every wedding is different and unique, and that applies as much to the music selections as everything else. My aim is to play a selection of music that you and your guests will recognise and dance to – we want them to have fun don’t we?

By talking to you over a coffee, or via email or telephone calls, we’ll discuss the music you do and don’t want played during your wedding festivities so that I understand what you like and don’t like as a couple.

Add to this the benefit of being able to select songs before the big day with my online planning tools, and you can be sure of an AWESOME night!

Some examples?

The type of music you can expect to hear when I have free reign on the music will include:

  • Motown classics
  • ’60s hits
  • ’70s disco
  • ’80s hits
  • ’90s dance
  • Noughties hits
  • Current chart

"My daughter's wedding was the best wedding I have ever been to!"

Hope - Ely, Cambridgeshire

What I DON’T do

How many times have you been to a party only to hear Agadoo, YMCA and Oops Upside Your Head rolled out for the umpteenth time?

Unless you specifically ask for this type of music, you won’t hear it!

And although I’m more than happy to take playlists for your wedding, I won’t play them in a strict order because it really doesn’t work!

Don’t forget your guests!

It’s also a good idea to let your guests request music on the night. After all, they’re more likely to dance to songs they’ve requested.

But don’t worry, if one of your guests requests a song or genre you’ve asked me not to play – I won’t play it.

Want to see some real world examples?

Every wedding and party I perform at is different. There are different requirements from the client and their guests as to what’s played on the night (and the vast majority of music is these days requested by clients and guests).

To see examples from recent events, please see my recent weddings pages where you’ll find the playlist for each event at the bottom of the page.

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