Wedding Fun: What is the Newlyweds game?

You’ve finished eating your wedding breakfast, there’s a little time to go before the speeches….what do you do to fill the time between the two?

How about a little fun?

This one’s not for everyone, in fact there are a lot of couples that find the idea just a little too “cheesy” and American. It’s not something I’ll ever force you into.

But for those that do want something a bit different, the Newlyweds game is the ideal opportunity for raising a few laughs between your guests, and indeed the two sides of your family.

How does it work?

It’s actually a very simple concept. I ask a series of questions to which the answer is either you, or your partner. There are no right or wrong answers…..or are there?

To show your answer, you raise the appropriate “prop”.

Did you say “Prop”?

Newlyweds game props with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment Yes, I did. In its early days (in fact even now in the USA), this game was known as “The Shoe Game”. The couple would take one of each other’s shoes and use those to indicate the answer.

Now, shoes aren’t the nicest of items to be waving around in the air, especially after they’ve been on your partner’s feet for most of the day (although you’re more than welcome to use them if you wish…it’s your day after all!).

So instead, I use “props”. These can be something as simple as ping-pong bats in different colours or with your names on, or something that relates to you as a person or from your real-life (maybe you’re a hairdresser by trade and your partner is a mechanic…so a hairdryer for you and a spanner for your partner)….get the idea?

What questions do you ask?

That would be telling…..and you won’t know until I ask them otherwise it’s nowhere near as much fun.

But don’t worry – my job isn’t to make a fool of you on your wedding day. I wouldn’t dream of that!

Instead, I have a selection of over 100 questions ranging from very sensible to just a little bit cheeky. I give the question cards to your bridesmaids or other attendants on the day for them to select between 10 and 15 questions which will be used. I hope you trust their judgement 🙂 

To reassure you just a little bit further, I can at your request remove the cheekier questions from the selection should you want me to so that they don’t get chosen on the day (I know what bridesmaids are like once they’ve had a couple of Prosecco’s!)

Some examples include:

  • Who will be the first to go to sleep tonight?
  • Who snores the loudest?
  • Who asked for the first date?
  • Who’s most likely to win an argument?
  • Who’s most likely to apologise first?
  • Who’s farts smell the worst (one of the cheekier questions!)
  • Who will be the strictest parent?

Still confused?

Not a problem. Here’s a recent game I did for a lovely couple just before their first dance. This game can be done in this way, or indeed at your top table during or after your meal. 

As with everything I do, it’s entirely up to you how and when (or even if) it’s done!

Play Video

That all looks much does it cost?

Cost? COST?

This one’s on me!

It costs absolutely nothing to have this included with any of my afternoon packages or to be included just before your first dance in either my Silver or Gold evening packages.

Let's talk!

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